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Holiday Returns Checklist


Holiday Season is just around the corner, and you know what that means: more customers, more revenue, and more returns.


At Loop, we like to drive home the importance of preparing for what happens after the Holiday Season just as much as the days leading up to it.


Download your copy of the 2023 Holiday Returns Checklist for your guide to a successful post-peak season, including:


  • Our top 5 tips for post-peak season success
  • Actionable strategies to delight shoppers and boost retention
  • Top Loop features that help brands deliver the most seamless peak season returns
  • Your step by step returns checklist for the 2023 season!




Ready for peak season success?


Download your copy of the

2023 Holiday Returns Checklist below.

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Ready to check off your holiday returns wishlist?

This peak season, you can provide shoppers with a post-purchase experience that fosters customer loyalty, decreases returns, and puts revenue back in your pocket.

For more resources to help you achieve peak season success, check out our Peak Season Hub.