Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter.

Loop stands firmly in support of the entire Black community. 

We stand against inequality and racism.

We must all take action for justice against inequality and racism.

Systemic racism and oppression are evident across our country—and Loop is no exception. And while we're proud of many things at Loop, our diversity (or lack thereof) is not one of them.

Real change takes time, but we believe that transparency breeds accountability, and that what gets measured gets done. With that in mind, we'll be running a fine tooth comb through the entire employee journey at Loop - starting from when a person considers joining us through becoming an alumni - to relentlessly uncover where we need to do better to support our Black communities.

We know our employees and communities hold Loop to a high standard, so we'll be publishing regularly over the next quarter (and beyond) on how we're addressing both representation and belonging for the Black community and other underrepresented groups in real time at Loop.

And in the meantime, as a first step toward the deconstruction of systematic inequality, the Loop team has donated more than $25,000 to a variety of organizations throughout Columbus and across the country. We've highlighted a few of those organizations below.

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter works to eradicate white supremacy and build local power to intervene in violence inflicted on Black communities


Directions for Youth and Families

Directions for Youth and Families is committed to building healthy individuals, strong families, and safe communities through innovative treatment and prevention services.


Columbus Metropolitan Library

The Columbus Metropolitan Library’s vision for the future is a thriving community where wisdom prevails. It is committed to bridging cultures within the Columbus community, addressing racism and any other forms of oppression that destroy and divide.


We The Protesters

We The Protesters is a national organization focused on ending racism and police violence in the United States.