We often talk about brands with amazing customer experiences, but you may be wondering: what exactly are these brands doing to create such a memorable experience?

What does shopping with these businesses look and feel like? To answer these questions, we are highlighting 5 example brands that we think are creating some fantastic customer experiences that are not difficult to implement yourself.


Allbirds is a New Zealand-American footwear brand that uses only natural materials like merino wool and eucalyptus. The business has a huge following of loyal customers who are obsessed with its extremely comfortable shoes, eco-friendly practices, and seamless end-to-end shopping experience. 

How Allbirds provides a top-notch customer experience:

One of the things Allbirds does better than almost any other brand is offering customers a super easy returns experience. Even though every business wants to minimize the number of returns they receive, the truth is that they’re always going to happen – and the way you approach them matters to customers. That’s why 67% of shoppers check the returns page before making a purchase and 92% of consumers have stated that they’ll buy something again if returns are easy.

92% of consumers have stated that they’ll buy something again if returns are easy.

Allbirds makes the return process easy for customers in several ways. First, customers are allowed to return worn products. This gives them the peace of mind to try on their shoes for a few days without worrying about whether or not they can be returned. And because Allbirds is a sustainability-focused brand, the brand has a partnership with the nonprofit Soles4Souls which donates its used shoes to people in need.

Allbirds also uses an on-demand returns portal, which gives customers control over their own returns – rather than forcing them to rely on your customer support team – and enables them to make processes like gift exchanges easy. Check out how intuitive Allbirds’ returns portal is below.


Knix is an intimates brand that was founded to transform an underwear market that had too much frill and not enough function. The brand creates innovative products like lightweight anti-chafing shorts, wireless bras, and overnight period protection underwear to help more women feel comfortable in their own skin.

How Knix provides a top-notch customer experience:

Every online brand has a customer support team. But not every brand goes the extra mile the way that Knix does. It’s well-known in the ecommerce world that sizing is a common issues, which is why 60% of returns on stores powered by Shopify are due to wrong sizes or styles. But some categories of apparel are even more challenging to size for, such as intimates.

Knowing this, Knix doesn’t let its customers end up with a poorly fitted bra or have a stressful experience trying to find the right style for their body type. Instead, the brand takes its customer support to the next level by offering free personalized virtual fittings to ensure everyone ends up with the right product in their hands.


Kotn is a sustainability-focused apparel brand on a mission to set the standard for conscious creation and consumption. The brand’s products are developed around the principles of considered design, relentless quality, honest value, and positive impact. 

How Kotn provides a top-notch customer experience:

Customers today want their shopping experience to be more than just a series of transactions. They want to know that the brands they’re loyal to are making positive contributions to society, which is likely why 43% of shoppers plan to spend more on sustainable brands within the next five years.

43% of shoppers plan to spend more on sustainable brands within the next 5 years.

Kotn is a great example of a brand that addresses this sentiment and creates a meaningful experience for customers by giving them a sense of purpose. In addition to ensuring fair labor practices, Kotn has funded various social impact projects through the sales of its products, including building and operating new schools in areas without access to education, providing private subsidies and resources to smallholder farms and impoverished communities, and advocating for environmental responsibility and stewardship.

The 5TH

The 5TH offers understated, yet distinctive watch designs that integrate seamlessly into a contemporary wardrobe. These watches are created in small, limited runs and new designs are released on the fifth of the month and are available to purchase for five days only.

How The 5TH provides a top-notch customer experience:

The 5TH already gives its customers a sense of status with a limited window to purchase products. But the brand takes this even further by offering an even more exclusive experience to customers who choose to be VIP members.

These members have access to competitions and giveaways, limited-edition product launches, and even collaboration opportunities. Knowing that only a small number of people have access to these privileges makes the experience even more special for these customers. 


Brooklinen was built to deliver simple, beautiful home essentials at a fair price. Brooklinen’s core values are built around delivering amazing products, a better experience, personal touches, and an efficient supply chain. 

How Brooklinen provides a top-notch customer experience:

From the moment a customer starts shopping, all the way through the return process, Brooklinen prioritizes customer happiness at every stage. 

For example, customers who aren’t familiar with the brand may not know which type of bedsheets or duvet cover to buy. To help these shoppers navigate their options, Brooklinen has a quiz that takes their personal preferences into account and identifies the best product for them. Brooklinen also offers a customer-centric return policy, with a 365-day return window and a warranty on all of its products. With these small, but meaningful, touches, Brooklinen creates a top-notch experience that leaves customers feeling cared for.

Whether it’s offering a VIP status to your most loyal customers or going the extra mile to provide personalized support, there are tons of ways to make your brand stand out from the rest. We hope these brands inspire you to take your own customer experience to the next level.

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