Anna Harman and Lisa Bubbers, Studs’ cofounders, were inspired to reimagine the ear piercing and earring experience.

“Lisa and I started doing research and trying to figure out, if you wanted to go get an affordable needle ear piercing and also buy jewelry for your holes once they healed, where would you go at any age above, say, 14?” Harman said. “And the answer was not many places.”

They found a hole in the market and built Studs.

Studs offers a modern solution to the previously outdated ear piercing industry and cumbersome process surrounding it. For years, there’s been a gap in the market consisting of antiquated mall brands, tattoo parlors, and high-end boutiques that are either unsafe, intimidating, or overpriced. Studs closes this gap and improves the customer journey by connecting a healthy and consultative ear piercing service with trend-driven and fairly-priced earrings, available to shop both online and in-store.

Today, Studs is an experiential retail and ecommerce brand that believes pierced ears are the key to unlocking self-expression, or, as they coined, discovering a Hole New You.

We sat down with YuJin Yong, VP of digital product, to discuss how Loop supports their scaling Shopify brand.

The following is a transcript of an interview by Kristi Meyer, Loop’s customer marketing manager, and JP Arnaud-Marquez, Loop’s principal content marketing manager. Some of the questions have been edited for brevity and clarity.

Tell us a bit about your customers. Who are they, and what are they looking for?

We like to think of ourselves as Claire’s for Gen-Z and millennials – we’re focused on people ages 18-35. Essentially, we are making piercing a less intimidating, more affordable, and fashion-forward experience that meets today’s customers needs.

Our customers are highly engaged brand loyalists that love to create and share their one-of-a-kind earscape styles. We offer a variety of jewelry, from huggies and hoops to cuffs and studs to ensure customers are able to create unique and personalized looks.

From a returns experience standpoint, our main value proposition is based around empowering customers to purchase earrings that reflect their personality, and that often means treating each ear individually.

When a return is initiated, it’s important for us to offer exchanges for different items across our store, not just a variation of the same item – and our previous returns platform before Loop was unable to offer that.

Why did you join Loop? And why do you stay with us?

We’re a hyper-growth start-up, so we’re launching new initiatives, opening new stores, and offering more earrings constantly; and we needed a partner that would support us every step of the way.

Our previous returns platform wasn’t scalable, and they didn’t offer a reliable point-of-contact specific to our account – both of which were major hindrances to our growing business.

Joining Loop not only provided us with a more seamless returns experience, which made our customer journey more enjoyable and autonomous, but we now have access to better, cleaner data that easily integrates with our internal tools.

Exchanges are also smooth and effective. We’ve seen returns transform to exchanges more frequently, supporting our growing business by helping us retain additional revenue. But, the real key differentiator is the human touch point.

Our dedicated Loop account manager checks-in with us frequently and supports us with any questions or needs; it truly feels like they’re a part of our team. I know we can expect their encouragement, and it’s clear they have our best interest at heart as we continue to scale.

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