Imagine developing a brand new Shopify integration in just one month.

That’s exactly what our team did. 

In December 2022, we worked alongside Shopify’s Fulfillment Network (SFN) team to ensure our new logistics integration was ready for Shopify’s Winter Editions 2023 launch.

“Our team was up for the challenge,” says Jennifer Yim, Loop ecosystem team’s principal product manager. “It took collaboration, focus, and a positive attitude to get us here.”

Our brand new integration reduces manual return processes for merchants who use SFN and Loop. And together, we offer a more seamless, easy to use, and effective return management workflow.

“Talk about a tight deadline,” says Maria Parks, Loop engineering manager. “Couldn’t be more proud of our team for coming together and being up for the challenge. Thank you to Mike Turk, John Osborn, Don Herre, Eric Park, Cai Cruz, and Selin Huang for all you do.”

Why this matters:

Managing returns without the right tools is time-consuming. Add on other considerations like reverse logistics, item inspections, and refund processing and suddenly you find yourself busier than ever.

And let’s be honest, you have bigger and better things to do—like running your business.

Now with the Loop and SFN integration, Shopify merchants can leverage an end-to-end logistics solution that includes inventory management, fulfillment, and return processing to make their logistics operations a breeze.

How we got here:

Here’s how our team developed and launched a new integration in just one month:

  • Software Development: Maria Parks led a team of software developers to build the integration.

  • Product Management: Jennifer Yim defined what we were building and how merchants would experience our product.

  • Product Marketing: Samir Kamnani prepared launch plans and marketing materials, and sought approval from cross-functional parties.

  • Partner Management: Nate Lesperance managed our relationship with SFN to ensure everyone was on the same page.

Once the integration was finished, our team spent January seeking out beta merchants to test the integration. The response was overwhelmingly positive.

“Some merchants were so excited that they asked us to turn on the integration during our first calls,” says Samir Kamnani, Loop product marketing manager. “That’s when we really began to see the impact of our work.”

Our partnership with Shopify extends well beyond this launch. It’s a fundamental part of our business.

We’re purpose-built exclusively for Shopify merchants in part for this very reason: to deliver the most valuable, easiest, and effective return management solution.

“It’s a partnership we take seriously,” says Nate Lesperance, Loop logistics partner manager. “We know if Shopify’s successful, we’re successful. It’s top of mind for us to help merchants grow.”

The Loop x SFN integration is available for merchants now.

For more information on how to get started, contact a Loop specialist today.