A group of Loop team members, including Loop co-founder and CEO, Jonathan Poma, attended Manifest Vegas from January 30 to February 2, 2023 to learn and speak about the Future of Logistics.

Manifest is a multi-day conference that brings together innovators, business owners, and subject matter experts that are transforming supply chains and logistics. With over 3,000 attendees, 250 speakers, and 50 countries represented, the conference is an energizing opportunity to learn more about logistics and its overall impact on commerce.

Here’s what we learned at Manifest Vegas 2023 about reverse logistics:

  • Sustainability continues to grow in importance and can be thought of in three buckets: packaging, freight, and product recommerce
  • International markets are becoming easier to expand into thanks to scaling tech and major inventory excess
  • Inventory visibility and demand forecasting will lead the charge in the next few years to unlock reliability and flexibility
  • Returns are the best opportunity to unlock customer lifetime value, sustainability, and better shopper experiences
  • Consumer expectations are shifting toward certainty over speed and they’re becoming more selective
  • Partnerships are key to success and will help mitigate disruptions/risk if done correctly and well

Check out what Poma had to say during his panel on reverse logistics at Manifest:

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