Why I joined Loop: The future of commerce

I am so excited to be joining the team at Loop, and wanted to explain exactly why!


Hi, I’m Tim.

I couldn’t be more excited to be (virtually) standing here to tell you that I’ve joined Loop as their VP of Marketing.  And there are three big reasons why:

Loop’s Vision for the Future of Commerce

The ease of setting up a Shopify store combined with the unprecedented boom that ecommerce has experienced in the last 5 years has led to a rising cost of customer acquisition.  Top-line growth is where the lion’s share of investment goes and countless DNVBs have skyrocketed to success with this formula. I’m sure all of this sounds familiar. 

Let’s not forget that because of COVID, ecommerce adoption took off in the blink of an eye.  The online share of total retail sales went up by an unprecedented 13% in just 8 weeks.  

It’s only added to the acquisition-focused frenzy.  

While traditional acquisition is essential, Loop has planted a flag in the ground around the belief that when your brand builds lasting connections with your customers, you’ll increase LTV, retain more customers, and encourage new shoppers to buy from you.   

It’s a vision that resonates deeply with me because it’s a universal truth:  people become repeat shoppers with brands who they feel a connection to.  And with millions and millions of new ecommerce shoppers coming online every day, Shopify merchants who focus as much on the post-purchase experience as they do on the acquisition experience will form stronger connections and create true loyalty. Plain and simple.  

67% of shoppers check the return page before making a purchase. Shouldn't you invest as much time here as you do in acquisition?

If 67% of shoppers check a merchant’s returns page before making a purchase - shouldn’t you invest just as much time here as you do on acquisition?  We think you should, which is why Loop is your long-term partner who will invest in all of the connection infrastructure you need to keep your customers coming back for years. 

Our Customers

Loop is partnered with the leading brands in ecommerce in every vertical where returns and exchanges are a core part of the business model.  We work with ecommerce giants who have become household names like Allbirds, Chubbies, Thinx, and Brooklinen (just to name a few).  

Whether it’s through our maniacal focus on consistently enhancing our product or strategizing with a merchant one on one to create the perfect exchange strategy, Loop has created a culture that screams: “we only succeed when our merchants succeed.”  

And it’s infectious to be a part of.

 I’ll share a stat with you that gets me out of bed every morning:  while the industry sees 80% of all returns end up as a refund, Loop merchants beat that trend by 15-percentage points.  Our merchants retain more revenue, improve their LTV as they grow, and consistently deepen connections with their shoppers. 

The team, the team, the team.

Loop is committed to building a modern organization with talent from all over the world.  Remote work has always been a core tenet for our growth plans, so when COVID forced the world to work from home Loop didn’t skip a beat.  

Instead, we put our foot on the gas and kept growing.  

Flexibility isn’t a word on our walls, it’s in our DNA.  We believe that work is a thing you do, not a place that you go.  I’m writing this post from Boston, half my team is in Toronto, the other half is in Columbus - and who knows where the next batch of Loopers will live.  It’s the modern blueprint for growth. 

We obsess over employee wellbeing; we hope you feel fantastic every day but when you don’t, it’s OK.  We’ve got your back.  

We invest heavily into the growth of our team members.  When one of us gets better, we all get better.  

And the talent and experience on this team is staggering; we’re stacked with experts from Shopify, Smile, Klarna, ecommerce CRMs, CDPs, agencies, and more.  The bench is very, very deep and we’re all here for the same reason:  

We’re building connection infrastructure for the future.  

We believe connection will create better brands, better customers, and better commerce for all.  

I hope you’ll join us for the ride. Lets. Go.