Destinations | Loop Returns

Return shipping just got smarter.

Now, you can effortlessly automate return shipping to different warehouses, vendors, marketplaces, and dropshippers

with Product Rules.

Connect all of your eligible return addresses

You can track an unlimited number of warehouses, vendors, marketplaces, repair centers, or donation centers to give Loop a full view of your fulfillment network.

Product rules ensure you always return product to the correct address

You can create custom product rules for each of your return addresses, allowing Loop to automatically navigate your fulfillment network and ensure products are always shipped to the correct address.

Customers can easily create multiple shipping labels on a single order

Sometimes a single order will contain product from different vendors or warehouses. Now, your customers can use Loop to quickly and automatically generate a shipping label for each return address.

Does this sound like you?

If so, we should meet.

"Some of my products are fulfilled by third-party vendors. I need to return those products back to the vendor, not my warehouse."

"I ship apparel from all three of my warehouses, but accessories only ship from my New Jersey warehouse. I need to return accessories back to New Jersey."

"I always return watches to our warehouse in Texas for repair and refurbishment."

You'll spend less than 30 seconds on each return.