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Drive customer loyalty through returns


Your customers expect frictionless experiences, especially when it comes to returns. In fact, 84% of shoppers say a positive returns experience encourages repeat purchases. Through an innovative user experience, proven exchange incentive tactics, and a dedicated team of humans to help you strategize, Loop can turn returns into repeat purchases, increasing profitability while driving brand loyalty.


Don’t let your stellar products be tainted by a bad customer experience, leave us to close the loop. Book a demo today to learn how disappointed customers can become your new fandom.


We love LOOP! The interface is super user-friendly and is a great customer experience. The help we’ve received from the LOOP team has also been extraordinary.








Loop has provided a significant upgrade to our customers’ return+exchange experience. Their ability to process multiple types of returns+exchanges coupled with their excellent onboarding and account management teams have made the transition from our old provider that much smoother.




Our store have a great experience using Loop, we have support when is needed and they are always on top to help resolve the issues. Great experience working with their team. I highly recommend Loop!






We installed Loop in Summer, 2022 and within a few months we were able to realize the full benefit of the platform. In particular, Loop unlocked us to offer more flexible exchange options to our customers, which has helped us nearly double the amount of revenue we retained from customers that would have normally been given back in refunds.

We love LOOP. Their support system is A+, wonderful team to communicate with. They are able to handle returns for our multiple different warehouses with no issue, and have simplified our return process fully.






We obsess over returns


return fraud

Protect against return fraud without punishing your shoppers

Prevent return abuse and losses. And keep your best customers happy with forgiving return policies—risk-free.

By supporting fees by return reason, mitigating losses for serial return policy abusers, and more, Loop helps you to mitigate losses in the short-term while aiming to deliver additional solutions that prevent losses in the future.

pre-negotiated shipping rates

Convenience means more choices

Make it as easy as possible for customers to initiate and complete a return—all while reducing your support costs.

returns portal

Make exchanges rewarding

Customers love an incentive, and post-purchase incentives help to save the sale while increasing customer satisfaction. Leverage our integration with Rise AI to create a seamless store credit and gift card experience that keeps your shoppers hooked.

Find out why 1,800+ brands choose Loop to improve their Shopify returns