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Create a seamless support experience with Gorgias + Loop.

Gorgias is the #1 rated helpdesk on Shopify and now directly integrated with Loop. With real-time access to every return or exchange in Gorgias, your agents can finally deliver an amazing customer returns experience all in one platform.

Why integrate Gorgias + Loop?

Shopify's best support tools are working together.

Now, you can create a seamless support experience by placing all returns data inside your Gorgias admin.

Create a self-service returns experience

Give customers the power to submit their own return requests, so you can spend more time in Gorgias on support tickets that matter.

Get a full picture of your customer's shopping history

View all of your Loop Returns data in Gorgias, so agents never have to leave their helpdesk to see return details.

Navigate directly to open return requests

When it's time to process your customer's return request, navigate from Gorgias directly to the return in Loop with a single click.

Personalize your conversation with return reasons

With return reasons visible in the Gorgias admin, you can better understand the customer's experience and tailor your reply to fit their needs.

Close support tickets faster

Save time and close tickets faster with your helpdesk and returns platform working together.

Up to 20% of all support tickets are about returns

With Gorgias and Loop working together, you can automate returns and spend more time on support tickets that matter.

"Gorgias and Loop are the two best customer support tools in our tech stack and now we can use them together."

Richard Ramsuchit, Customer Experience Manager

See the integration in action.