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How Returns Impact Customer Retention


We surveyed 1,000 online shoppers to uncover how they feel about returns. See what consumers have to say about returns and how they impact their shopping behavior.


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  • How return policies impact first-time and repeat purchases
  • Which aspects of returns consumers care about most
  • Why logistics and sustainability matter for retention
  • How brands can leverage post-purchase to drive shopper loyalty

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Your return policy matters more than you think

96% of shoppers review return policies before making a purchase

In today’s economic climate, shoppers are budget conscious. 80% said they have less confidence to spend, and are cutting back on non-essential purchases. What does that have to do with returns?

Well, your return policy has a huge impact on whether or not a shopper buys from you in the first place. And their experience actually returning a product could determine whether or not they buy from you again.

To attract and retain shoppers, you can’t ignore the importance of returns. That’s where we come in.

When it comes to returns, every detail counts

Post-purchase incentives and environmentally friendly returns boost shopper retention

Gone are the days where a brand can win over shoppers by simply slashing prices. Today, shoppers pick their favorite brands with a nuanced shopping experience.

And they look at the post-purchase experience in the same way. Shoppers pay close attention to what happens after they make a purchase, because more than ever, they’re looking to establish a relationship with the brands they love.

Finding the right balance between discount offers, convenience, and sustainability within the return experience is key to winning shoppers for life.

Eager to see where shoppers place the most emphasis? Grab our new report to find out.

It’s time to extend the shopper journey

Putting shoppers at the heart of your return and exchange policy ensures high customer retention—today and for the long haul.

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