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It’s comforting to know when a customer initiates a return, they’ll be taken care of by Loop.

Mike Wu Director of Customer Experience

Loop’s allowed us to WOW! the sh*t out of our customers during returns.

Jemma Cumming Continuous Improvement
Powering superior Shopify returns at 1800+ brands:

Peak Season


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Last year, we processed a return every 1.25 seconds on our busiest day

That’s over 300,000 returns in 3 days.

It’s no surprise that online returns surge during the holidays. Loop merchants saw a 31% increase in returns from 2021. They also saw a 24% increase in overall sales.

But all of those returns came through our automated platform. Which means we saved our merchants about 15,000 hours that would have otherwise been spent processing returns manually. If you think that’s crazy, wait til you read what’s next…

returns management software

We saw refunds decrease by 11%

Every business saw more returns, but Loop merchants also saw fewer refunds.

Refunds are expensive. You lose the sale, the money you spent to acquire the customer, incur fees to process the refund and return shipping, and  risk losing that shopper’s business forever.

Combine a high refund rate with a high return rate and you’ve got a holiday buzzkill in the making. Loop gives shoppers every opportunity to opt for an exchange during a return. Less lost sales, more money in your pocket.

returns management software

And total upsell value per return grew by 38%

With the right setup, returns can be a profit driver.

In total, Loop drove about $300,000 in upsell value through exchanges during the holiday rush. That’s $17.65 in Shop Now exchange upsells, and $1.65 in upsell per return full-stop.

Picture paying yourself almost $2 every time you get a return. That’s what Loop pulls off for our merchants, peak season or not.


Turn holiday returns into shopping sprees

See why Shopify’s top brands choose Loop to power their returns for peak season and beyond.