Printerless Returns

Say goodbye to the printer.

Great returns experiences are all about convenience. It's time to remove the frustration of printing labels and give your customers a more flexible shipping option.

Effortlessly ship with a QR code

The days of printing PDFs are over. Give customers the convenience of a pre-paid shipping label sent directly to their phone.

Drop-off to FedEx Office® or Walgreens

80% of U.S. shoppers live within 10 minutes of Walgreens. Make the process even easier by automatically sharing the closest Walgreens and FedEx Office® locations.

Explore our full network of drop-off locations

See the experience for yourself

We asked 300+ shoppers to share pain points of online returns.

"Honestly, most of the time I don't even bother finding a printer and returning things. I just buy from a different brand next time and hope I like it better."

– Juliana T.

"The worst is when I buy from a beautiful website where everything is clean and easy, but then I have to hassle with printing paperwork to send stuff back."

– Stephanie M.

"I can't stand when I have to print my own shipping label and then pay a fee for shipping. It's inconvenient and costs me more money just because I didn't like your product."

– Roland K.

30% of shoppers don't have a printer