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Create a seamless store credit experience with + Loop helps merchants retain revenue and inspire future purchases by improving the Shopify gift card experience. Together with Loop, you can now seamlessly add store credit refunds to your return process.

Why integrate + Loop?

Create a premium store credit experience.

Now, you can improve your customer experience by tracking all store credit requests on a single gift card code.

Track all store credit in a single digital wallet

For every returned order, customers increase the store credit balance in their digital wallet that can be tracked and redeemed on their account page.

Seamlessly redeem store credit on your website

Using the integration, customers can redeem store credit in a single click – without ever needing to keep track of gift card codes.

Increase visibility into store credit reporting

With advanced reporting, you can manage all of your customers' store credit in a single dashboard with more access and visibility than what is available on Shopify.

Redeem store credit everywhere

With integrations into Recharge, Bold, & Carthook you can ensure your customer's store credit can be redeemed everywhere.

Rise is one of the most useful ecommerce apps I've ever encountered, hands down. The wide range of functionality is giving us concrete ideas for gifting promotions.

Michael O'Neil, Senior Director, Ecommerce Operations & Strategy

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