How to increase repeat sales by 40% 


If you’re already working with Ryder E-commerce by Whiplash, you understand the value of streamlined processes. So what if we told you Loop can make returns just as easy for you? And profitable.


Find out how Loop helps Shopify brands reduce refunds, increase revenue, and improve brand loyalty.


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Ready to transform returns into returning shoppers?


Your brand. Your returns. Your way.

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Making returns work for you—now easier than ever

Loop makes returns easy for both you and your shoppers

There’s something special about automated self-serve returns: they delight shoppers. And delighted shoppers come back and shop again faster.

But at Loop, we take it up a notch. We not only automate returns processes and reduce refunds. We also incentivize exchanges—which puts more money into your pocket.

We empower Shopify brands like yours to reduce refunds, increase revenue, and improve brand loyalty by offering the most comprehensive all-in-one return solution. And we help our brands increase their repeat sales by more than 40%.

That’s why we work with top partners like Ryder E-commerce by Whiplash—because together, we can accomplish more, for you.