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Try At Home powered by TryNow + Loop

TryNow allows shoppers to try items in the comfort of their home and only pay for what they keep. Try At Home programs create more natural and premium shopping experiences, unlocking value for brands by creating meaningful and trusting relationships with their customers.

Why integrate TryNow + Loop?

Help your customers find a product they love.

Now, customers have the convenience of trying on multiple products and only paying for what they keep.

$0 carts take cost out of the equation

Shoppers add more product to their cart knowing they'll only pay for what they keep. More product means more chances for shoppers to fall in love – and more full price sales for you.

The living room becomes the fitting room

Create the ideal environment for shoppers to appreciate your product, by experiencing materials, colors, texture, and fit in the one place they feel most comfortable: right at home.

Returns aren't a bummer anymore

Shoppers know at checkout they will return what they don’t keep. Acknowledging returns upfront transforms a disappointing chore into the expected end of the transaction.

76% higher return on ad spend

Brands who offer Try At Home programs convert more shoppers and see ad dollars go further.

22% higher conversion rate

“If only people could try it, they would love it.” We built TryNow to unify payment and shipping, while Loop automates the returns to create an unparalleled experience.

“TryNow is driving a 44% increase in Net AOV, which changes all equations.”

Adam Sidney, CEO

See the integration in action.