How Loop Works

Better returns for everyone.

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It all starts with your return portal.

With just an order number and zip code, customers can start their return by viewing all items eligible for return. With our branding options, your customer will never know they left your site.

All returns automated, not just refunds.

When a customer wants to return something it doesn’t always mean they want their money back. They may just want a different size or new product. Depending on what the customer wants, offer them the best return possible.

Shopify returns app - exchanges

Exchange for anything in your catalog.

Loop is the only solution that lets customers shop for something new before they return. Let your customers exchange what they have now for any product they want, not just a different size.

An experience just like shopping.

Our Shop Now functionality lets your customer use the value of their current return to shop for anything they want. We even make the entire experience feel just like shopping.

Offer incentives to keep a customer.

A refund can often signal the end of a relationship. Offer “Bonus Credit” to give customers looking to refund additional purchasing power. If they choose to exchange they are given an additional $X to do so. It keeps your refund rate low and customer retention high.

Easily allow customers to return products in a bundle.

A streamlined way to return individual products within a bundle. Only available on Loop.

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A return label generated with no back and forth.

Your customer has a label in their hands in just a few clicks. No more back and forth over email, chat, or phone. We connect your carriers and shipping rates cards so that a label can be generated without involving your support team.

Or... sent to their phone.

The days of needing to print a PDF are over. Give customers the convenience of a pre-paid shipping label sent to their phone via a QR code.

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Automate your workflow and get your time back.

Apply policy rules automatically.

You already have your rules set, we allow you to apply all of them seamlessly through your returns portal.

Enforce ineligible products automatically.

What products do you not want back? Opened packages, worn clothing, washed sheets? Loop lets you easily add these questions to the return flow. You can even route returns based on how they answer so you can donate or recycle them.

Approve returns automatically.

You are in control of when a return should be approved, you can even set different types of returns to be approved at different stages. Approve an exchange when the customer drops the old product at the post office, and a refund once it's been inspected.

Decide where returns go automatically.

Now, you can effortlessly automate return shipping to different warehouses, vendors, marketplaces, and dropshippers with Product Rules.

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The insight you need in one place.

When a customer is frustrated, return reasons tell you why.

There is nothing worse than that feeling of not knowing. With Loop, you can ask different questions for each product type, have two tiers of questions, and even use an open comment box for nuanced feedback. The best part, all of the data is collected in one place for you to review.

No more spreadsheets or second guessing.

Stop recording every return in that spreadsheet, we will keep track of it all for you. What was on the original order, the items being returned, and everything in between. Best of all we use that data to build you dashboards and reports you can use to better your business.

Make returns better for everyone.