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Your Path to Profitability

Loop helps Shopify’s best brands optimize return costs, retain more revenue, and prevent return losses.

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Returns: the new sustainable growth formula

Today’s brands are looking for a path to profitability.

That includes inspecting every customer touch point through a cost-savings lens. And for many brands, returns can be their secret sauce.

Optimize your return costs, retain more revenue, and prevent return losses to achieve sustainable growth.

That’s what’s possible with Loop.

Find out how Inherit Clothing reduced refunds by 35%

Returns and exchanges are expensive. There’s customer support teams to hire. And shipping costs to account for.

Now imagine automating your processes. Saving on shipping costs. And decreasing return rates.

That’s what Inherit Clothing and thousands of other Shopify brands have done with Loop.

Transform returns into returning customers

Our brands retain revenue on up to 50% of their returns

That’s right. Most brands look at returns as a cost center. But we see them as a profit center.

We’re not just a returns platform, we’re your returns partner