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    Unlock actionable insights to boost your business

    Better understand your customers, enhance products, and drive sustainable growth.

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    Smarter operations

    Uncover how returns affect your business

    With Loop’s Insights, gain a comprehensive view of your returns performance at a glance. Discover how much revenue you're retaining through exchanges and track trends to assess the impact of your enhancements on the returns process and customer experience.

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    Returns by outcome

    Instant Exchanges give shoppers peace of mind by giving them the chance to snag the last item in stock before it sells out.


    Avg. time to process returns

    Because we collect shoppers’ payment information beforehand, Instant Exchanges provide a solution that trustworthy shoppers will love, bad actors will avoid, and that completely eliminates risk.


    Returns rate

    Instant Exchanges work together with Shop Now and Bonus Credit to create an experience that feels like shopping—only inside the returns experience.

    Customer loyalty

    Know which products come back—and why

    By understanding which products your shoppers return and why, you can proactively prevent unnecessary returns and better meet customer expectations from the start.

    With Loop’s insights, track the most frequently returned products and the reasons behind these returns. Gain insights into how often returned items result in exchanges and monitor your products’ performance over time to continuously refine your strategies.

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    “More than ever, profitability needs to be a core focus for brands - and Loop helps make returns profitable.”

    Kyle Hency, Co-founder

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    “It’s comforting to know when a customer initiates a return they’ll be taken care of by Loop.”

    Mike Wu, Director of Customer Experience


    Additional retained revenue


    Avg. upsell per return

    Brand champions

    Meet your best customers

    Insights reveals who your regular shoppers are and introduces you to your newest brand champions.

    Get to know your customers at every stage of their journey and analyze their post-purchase behaviors. Understand how returns affect crucial retention metrics like time to repeat purchase, average order value, and more. Additionally, gain insights into which customers return products most and least often, helping you tailor your strategies to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.


    Data helps your brand. Facts.

    Learn more about your shoppers, your products, and the way your store runs. Leverage that data to improve your operations, your marketing, and more.