Loop keeps your returns secure


At Loop, security is a top priority. Our security team is made up of educators,

engineers, and experts dedicated to enabling resilient security across the board.

How Loop manages security protocols

and best practices


Day-to-day security protocol

As an SOC2 certified company, Loop is diligent about maintaining our security day in and day out, in adherence with all national and international regulations, like GDPR, CCPA, and more. From investigating potential weaknesses in our infrastructure to helping QA our products to teaching our larger team about security and more, our security team has their hands full, and we love them for it.


Smart, protected data storage

Most data breaches occur because of poor data storage practices. While Loop doesn’t hold onto much of your data (like credit card numbers and other sensitive information), the data we do store is AES-256 encrypted at rest, and verified by an auditor. We are careful to limit access to this data, and we routinely test our storage systems to protect against attacks from bad actors. 


A top tier team of security experts that is always learning

Security is ever-evolving, so we expect our security experts at Loop to embrace a curious approach to their work. From getting their CISSP certifications to staying up-to-date on the latest security threats and innovations, our team seeks out opportunities to learn more about security themselves and to help educate the rest of our Loop team and our Loop merchants about what it means to be digitally secure. 


We’ve got your data covered.

When it comes to your data, our team is committed to protecting your confidentiality and privacy, and we test our products and solutions for integrity to make sure that Loop is resilient against breaches.

We know you’re entrusting our team with a lot of data, and we treat it with the care it deserves.

Meet the Loop security team

Schlaine Hutchins is a global information security leader and expert with over 20 years of experience in cybersecurity, risk management, and IT governance. She has successfully overseen information security departments in the financial and healthcare industries, and at startups.She has led information security teams at JP Morgan Chase, CoverMyMeds, and emerging start-ups. She specializes in providing expert guidance on implementing enterprise-wide cybersecurity initiatives. She holds multiple professional certifications CISA, CISSP, CCSP, HCISPP, and QTE. She is also a Certified Life and Career Coach.When she’s not working, Schlaine enjoys exploring new restaurants, salsa dancing, and volunteering in her community.


Schlaine Hutchins

Senior Security, Compliance, and Privacy Manager

Ben is a security engineer living in Gahanna, Ohio. He’s been in tech for about 10 years and has had roles in System Administration, DevOps, Detections Engineering and Security Engineering. Security is what he’s the most passionate about, and you can often find him working on offensive security labs and capture the flags in his off hours. Ben is ISC2-CISSP certified, and he is CompTIA PenTest+ CE certified as well as Red Hat certified. 


Ben Sebastian

Engineering Manager – Security & IT

A core part of the Loop security team, Rob has been working in data protection and security operations for nearly two decades. At Loop, he’s the go-to security expert on hand, and he handles everything with ease, speed, and a smile. He’s proudly CISSP certified, and he used to help organize Ohio LinuxFest every year. During his security career, he’s probably touched, built, and maintained hundreds of systems. He’s currently focused on vulnerability management, cloud security, WAF, firewall, and building a culture of security here at Loop.



Rob Ball

Sr. Security Operations Engineer

One of the newest additions to Loop’s security team, Jonathan Vaughn is anything but new to the world of security. Having worked in the field for nearly a decade, Jonathan is an expert in data security, data analysis, and information security. He is a proud alum of Ohio State University, where he earned a PhD in Sociology, and where he spent nearly eight years as a Research Fellow and Researcher. When Jonathan isn’t busy protecting our merchants’ data at Loop, he’s likely spending time with his family.


Jonathan Vaughn

Security Engineer

Get safer returns with Loop. 

Loop is a leading returns management software, built to improve your returns and keep your customers’ data safe and secure.

If you need to reach the security team for any reason, drop us a line here.