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Loop returns

Take control of your returns

Managing a return policy is hard. Automating one yourself is even harder.

Take control of your returns to save time and money, delight your shoppers, and deliver the right outcome for every return scenario with Workflows by Loop, an intelligent automation option that is as easy to use as it is helpful to your store.


The Power of Workflows


Workflows by Loop is designed to give you flexibility and control
over your automated returns experience.



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“Our customers have responded so positively. Returns are processed in real-time

and don’t need to be manually reviewed thanks to the automation of Workflows.”


– Sarah King, Customer Empowerment Operations Manager at Knix




Save your support team

Spending too much time on return interventions? Workflows are there when you need them, and out of your way when you don’t. Free up your support team by allowing Loop to automate basic returns, while making sure exceptions get the attention they deserve.

loop flowchart

Automate, but stay flexible

Set conditional logic to determine how specific return scenarios are processed. Inexpensive item? Let the customer keep or donate it. High-ticket purchase? Incentivize an exchange by offering more Bonus Credit. Holiday purchase? Extend the return window. It’s your store, you make the rules—let us help you enforce them!

reason for returning

Make returns
a delight

A smooth, enjoyable return can enhance the shopper experience. Let shoppers avoid the support line or choose to reward your best customers during the exchange process with bonus credit or other options. With Workflows by Loop, you can transform your returns from a hassle into a memorable touchpoint.