Get ready to smile: Loop is now Happy Returns' preferred returns portal partner for Shopify brands →
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    Tracking that keeps you in the loop

    Order, returns and exchange tracking that builds trust and transparency with your shoppers along the way.

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    Increase operational efficiency with branded Order Tracking

    Order Tracking by Loop offers easy-to-build, branded tracking pages for all outbound orders - no code needed! You can now consolidate returns and tracking under one solution for a cohesive brand experience that maintains your strong customer experience while increasing operational efficiency.

    Merchants that add a branded tracking page to their post-purchase experience can see up to:



    Views per order on branded tracking page compared to generic page


    Reduction in support inquiries related to “where is my order” compared to no proactive tracking


    ROI when you include product recommendations on your tracking page


    Join forces with our tracking partners

    Leverage our tracking partners to build revenue generating tracking pages that include returns and exchanges via Loop, becoming a one-stop-shop for your shoppers.

    Level up customer experience

    Use Loop to get ahead of shipping errors and feel in control of your tracking experience. Get notified of terminal shipping errors in your Help Desk so you can handle bad news.

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    “More than ever, profitability needs to be a core focus for brands - and Loop helps make returns profitable.”

    Kyle Hency, Co-founder

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    “It’s comforting to know when a customer initiates a return they’ll be taken care of by Loop.”

    Mike Wu, Director of Customer Experience


    Additional retained revenue


    Avg. upsell per return

    Don’t ghost your shoppers.

    Without reliable tracking, online orders can feel like being left on read. Keep your shoppers updated and build customer trust with Track by Loop.