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Track by Loop


Keep your shoppers posted on their packages’ progress with Track by Loop,
and save money on customer support in the process.

return portal

Transparent return and exchange status updates

Keep your shoppers in the know, building trust and rapport along the way.

Send bespoke notifications with return and exchange tracking status updates, reducing return-related inquiries while strengthening your relationship with your shoppers.


Customers saw a 27% higher revenue retention rate with Loop + Malomo

With the combined tracking features that Loop and Malomo offer, your shoppers will enjoy their returns experience so much that they come back to buy with you again.


Join forces with our tracking partners

Integrate with Malomo or Wonderment for a seamless post-purchase experience.

Leverage our tracking partners to build revenue generating tracking pages that include returns and exchanges via Loop, becoming a one-stop-shop for your shoppers.


Level up customer experience

Use Loop to get ahead of shipping errors and feel in control of your tracking experience.

Get notified of terminal shipping errors in your Help Desk so you can handle bad news with care.

Don’t ghost your shoppers.

Without reliable tracking, online orders can feel like being left on read.
Keep your shoppers updated and build customer trust with Track by Loop.

Find out why over 3,000 brands use Loop