Get ready to smile: Loop is now Happy Returns' preferred returns portal partner for Shopify brands →
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    Point of Sale

    Take your returns offline

    Deliver a seamless returns and exchange experience anywhere, anytime with the Loop Point of Sale app.

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    Foot traffic

    Drive foot traffic and amplify sales

    Draw customers back into your store with the convenience of start online, drop off in-store.

    Loop POS doesn’t just cut down on shipping costs—it turns every return visit into an opportunity for additional sales, boosting your bottom line while enhancing customer satisfaction.

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    ERP integration

    Make managing orders a breeze

    Don't stress about inventory management. Let Loop POS seamlessly integrate with Shopify and your ERP system. It offers the flexibility to choose restock locations, handle multiple returns or exchanges in one order, and even override return policies to improve the customer experience.


    Estimated time saved annually with Loop POS. Loop’s brands who use POS save up to an estimated 780 hours of labor every year. That’s more than a week’s worth of full-time work every month.


    Maximize every exchange

    Turn potential losses into profit with our strategic exchange system.

    Loop POS encourages customers to explore your in-store inventory, offering upsells or processing seamless refunds during exchanges. Even gift returns become a chance to delight and win loyalty.

    Process items

    Let your shoppers fall in love with your brand IRL

    Don’t just move into brick and mortar. Make your storefront sustainable, efficient, and user-friendly. Manage your in-house returns with Loop’s point of sale.