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    Fraud Solutions

    Proactively protect your revenue with Loop's fraud tools

    Loop helps merchants recover revenue and drive efficiencies with built-in fraud protection

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    Customize your return policy

    Loop allows you to customize your return policy so you can continue to drive customer loyalty, without losing revenue to fraud.

    Leverage customer behavior data to automatically tailor the return experience, leading to increased controls where needed that mitigate policy abuse. Offer free shipping for your best customers, charge fees for repeat returners, require photo uploads before approving a return, and more.

    With Loop, you get to decide what works best for you and your customers.




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    Mitigate incentive abuse

    Post-purchase incentives drive customer loyalty, but it’s important to set some guardrails to protect your brand from return fraud.

    Loop is built to support both sides of this challenge. Whether your goals are to offer higher bonus credit amounts or extend the return window for your best customers, or limit the amount of times a shopper can take advantage of these types of incentives, Loop gives you the control you need to bring your returns strategy to life.

    Ship it. Send it. Like a pro.

    With Loop, the tangled mess that is reverse logistics becomes easy. Learn how Loop can help you ship with the best of them.