Get ready to smile: Loop is now Happy Returns' preferred returns portal partner for Shopify brands →
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    Shop Now & Later

    Unlock Peak Shopper Engagement

    Everything you need to keep your shoppers engaged, even after a return.

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    More options to drive results

    With Loop’s Shop Now, Shop Later, and Bonus Credit features, you’ll have everything you need to keep your shoppers engaged, even after a return.

    Drive more exchanges with Shop Now

    Let customers exchange for any items across your entire product catalog, creating delightful returns and unlocking a new revenue stream for your brand.

    Get more customer touch points with Shop Later

    Turn returns into opportunities by letting customers who initially opt for a refund change their mind, before their return is processed.

    Build in Bonus Credit to delight shoppers

    Offer Bonus Credit to encourage customers to find a new product they love and give your brand a second chance.

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    “It’s comforting to know when a customer initiates a return they’ll be taken care of by Loop.”

    Mike Wu, Director of Customer Experience


    Additional retained revenue


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    "Loop’s allowed us to wow the shit out of our customers during returns."

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    of return revenue retained


    avg. upsell value per return

    Spoil your shoppers, not your budget.

    Drive revenue retention and give your shoppers an unforgettable shopping experience with Shop Now, Shop Later, and Bonus Credit.