Get ready to smile: Loop is now Happy Returns' preferred returns portal partner for Shopify brands →
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    Turn refunds into exchanges

    Delight your customers with exchanges that put money back in your pockets.

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    Automate your exchanges, without losing touch

    Save time for your customer support team by automating your exchanges. Let your shopper handle their own returns on their own time, using a self-serve return portal.

    With Loop, you can automate every return—even the complicated ones. That means your team can handle customer support tickets that need a little TLC.


    Of Loop returns become exchanges. On average, our brands turn 57% of Loop returns into exchanges, thanks to our advanced exchange features, upsell incentives, and more.

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    Variant exchanges

    Let shoppers swap sizes & colors easily

    Many returns are due to size-related reasons. Give your customers the simplest way to get the right fit, every time.

    With Loop, variant exchanges allow customers to easily swap their item for a different size or color with a few simple clicks.

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    “More than ever, profitability needs to be a core focus for brands - and Loop helps make returns profitable.”

    Kyle Hency, Co-founder

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    “It’s comforting to know when a customer initiates a return they’ll be taken care of by Loop.”

    Mike Wu, Director of Customer Experience


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    Advanced exchanges

    Go beyond simple exchanges with next-level options

    Certain colors or patterns set up as different products in Shopify? No problem. With Advanced Exchanges, you can offer similar products for exchange right within the flow, all while offering only what is in-stock and ready to ship out.

    Loop supports even the most complex return situations. Allow customers to exchange for one or more items within a bundle in just a few clicks.

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    Give your shoppers what they want

    With Loop, your brand can offer everything from refunds to direct exchanges to shopper incentives and more. Even better? These exchanges build your business.