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Get ready for

Peak Season

Thanks to the upcoming Peak Season, you’re about to experience a spike in sales (and returns). And if you’re looking for some additional guidance on how to make this time of year work in your favor, welcome aboard.

It's time to wow! your customers

Bring joy this

Peak Season

Peak season is fast approaching and there’s a lot to consider when planning a delightful (and profitable) shopping experience. We’re here to guide you every step of the way so you can make this season your most lucrative yet.

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Put your best foot forward

Things to consider

before Peak Season starts

Dig into customer feedback, take stock of your return policies, and ensure you’re getting the best carrier rates so your shoppers can easily fall in love with your products.

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We don't just buy, we want exchanges too

Retain your

customers into
the New Year

Take a look back at what happened with returns during the holidays last year, so you can make better informed decisions this year. Trust us, the data is quite interesting.

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Forget seasons, keep customers for a lifetime

After acquisition, there’s retention

Peak Season means you’ll experience heightened demand, leading to more sales and product returns. Events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday present you with a unique opportunity to not only acquire, but retain new customers more easily.


The Ecommerce Returns Benchmark Report: Fall 2023

The biggest ecommerce returns digest is here again — and just in time for Peak Season. 2,500 ecommerce brands. 14M+ returns. All wrapped up and analyzed in one easy-to-read report.

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