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“Loop allowed us to WOW the sh*t out of our customers during returns.”


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 Why you’ll love Loop

Our Shopify-backed platform operates at a higher scale to enable you to wow your customers.

Local logistics to help you expand locally and abroad

Loop works with global carriers like AusPost and DHL/DHL Express to address your domestic and cross-border shipping needs. We also have key partnerships with SEKO and AP21 to create the best post-purchase experience and power seamless shipping for returns.

Instant Exchange

Australian merchants see higher conversion and revenue retention with Instant Exchange compared to their international counterparts. By encouraging more exchanges and repeat purchases, you’re able to have all the good things about instant exchange, with none of the risk.

Shop Now + Bonus Credit

With Loop’s Shop Now, Shop Later, and Bonus Credit features, you’ll see an increase in customer retention and loyalty by keeping customers engaged and shopping on your site, even after their return.

Customize your returns experience with Workflows

With Workflows, you can reduce operational costs, reward your best customers, and promote sustainable returns – all within the Loop admin.

Offline Returns & Exchanges with Point of Sale

Loop’s brands who use POS save up to an estimated 780 hours of labor every year – while still delivering the ideal returns and exchange experience in-house.


Our POS feature is also set up for AUD, so you can get the feature up and running in no time.

Aussie partners for Aussie brands

We partner with agencies and tech platforms across ANZ

to help your brand create the best post purchase experience. Here’s just a few:


How Loop helped LSKD retain revenue on over half of their returns

As a growing business, LSKD realized they needed to look for a reliable return automation tool. What they didn’t expect was finding a solution that also increased their upsell value per return.

Once onboarded with Loop, they saw a significant shift: efficient return processes that moved the needle. Together, we continue to delight their shoppers, and improve their retention rates.

Find out why 3,500+ brands choose Loop to power their post purchase experience