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Loop returns


Get inventory back faster, save on shipping, and impress your customers.

Get returns moving

Let’s get physical.

Your branded online portal is just half of the returns experience. The other half happens in the real world, where your inventory is moving around — and that’s where things can get dicey.

You need a system that marries the digital with the physical. One that keeps your customers, warehouse team, and product stock on the same page. That offers convenience and choice in shipping methods, and gives you the flexibility to deal with exceptions and edge cases.

Loop’s logistics tools and integrations give you control over where, when, and how your products move. It all starts with the label.

“Your customers get what they want — and you get your inventory back faster.”

Return shipping just got smarter

Confidently generate shipping labels for customers around the world.


Control return destinations

With Loop, your operations team has total control over where your returned products end up. East Coast hub? West Coast 3PL? Canadian warehouse? No problem.

Using Destinations, you can send products to distribution centers, repair centers, third-party vendors, and donation centers. We can even rate-shop between available locations.


Create custom return policies

There are many moving pieces in ecommerce logistics – take control by creating custom policies to handle them all easily.

You get to decide how you want to handle final sale items, return window lengths, return request approvals, and more.


Prioritize customer convenience

Retaining customers is key, so you want to make sure you’re leaving them satisfied with their return experience. And let’s face it – packing, labeling, and dropping-off returns isn’t always the most convenient.

Loop offers return options that your customers will love. Printerless? Boxless? Sustainable? Say no more! We’ve got you covered.


Ship with our negotiated rates

If you already work with a shipping provider you love, bring them along. It’s easy to integrate with Loop. Want to see what else is out there? Get access to shipping providers at preferred rates alongside other brands loving Loop.

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Link up your logistics

Loop links seamlessly with your 3PL, ERP, and any other acronym-heavy tools your team depends on.

Smart integrations, thoughtful automations, and flexible return destinations all work together to get your products where they need to go.

return policy strategies for jewelry brands

Get the flexibility your customers want and the transparency your team needs