Why Shopify’s best brands trust the Loop Returns Platform


Find out why Shopify’s best brands trust Loop to improve their returns



Save Time and Money


Optimize return costs and find creative ways to save time and money

at every touch point of the returns experience.


Retain More Revenue


Your shopper’s journey doesn’t need to end with a return.

Instead, leverage returns to drive exchanges and repeat purchases.


Drive Customer Loyalty


Don’t spend 5x more money to attract new customers—nurture existing ones with Loop.

Give customers convenience and choice, and they’ll repay you with their loyalty.


Offer Sustainable Returns


We believe there’s a path to more sustainable returns. Not only because it’s the right

thing to do for the health of the planet, but because your customers demand it.



A global platform you can trust


Provide the best returns and post-purchase experience to your customers, regardless of where they’re returning from.


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Transform returns into retained revenue

Start a return to see how your customers will experience Loop.

Find out why over 3,000 brands use Loop