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Buyer’s Guide to Enterprise Returns Management


More than 20% of online purchases will end in a return. And 89% of consumers say a poor return experience will lead them to stop purchasing from a brand.


Today, it’s clear that if you want to be a profitable, high-performing brand, you have to get post-purchase right. Which means the ideal time to invest in your returns process is now.


Loop’s definitive guide to the enterprise returns software market will help you decide what tools to invest in. Get the guide and learn how to:


  • Build the business case for investing in returns management
  • Define the current state of your post-purchase
  • Classify the types of RMA and their level of sophistication
  • Navigate the evaluation and purchase process in your org
  • Choose the best returns management solution for your business



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The definitive guide to enterprise returns management

Post-purchase interacts with most facets of your business: acquiring customers, reverse logistics, refunds and exchanges, customer experience, loyalty, fraud, and more. The fact of the matter is, your returns setup can be the difference between a healthy bottom line and an unprofitable business.

Choosing in the right returns management partner is a big, impactful decision. Which means you need to do your diligence to understand what to expect out of your solution, who the players are, and how to navigate the buying process.

Lucky for you, we’ve packaged all that and more into the Buyer’s Guide to Enterprise Returns Management. Be sure to grab your copy and keep it handy as you run your post-peak-season tech evaluations this year.


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