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Loop returns

Hello, point-of-sale returns

Eliminate return shipping costs and improve your shopper experience by allowing returns to be submitted online, then dropped off to your store in person—without a shipping label.

No shipping, no problem.

Better experience, lower cost.

Better experience, lower cost.

Point-of-sale returns eliminates return shipping costs by allowing shoppers to return their product in person—no pricey shipping label needed.

shipping method No printer. No boxes. No tape.

No printer. No boxes. No tape.

Point-of-sale returns eliminate the headache of printing, packaging, and tape–giving your shoppers a simplified returning experience.

Items Returned

Drive repeat purchases.

Encourage shoppers to continue browsing your products by giving their refund credit immediately—while they’re still inside your store. Gamechanger? We think so.

All returns in one place

Keep all your returns in one place.

Simplify your returns reporting by keeping all of point-of-sale returns and ecommerce returns together in one dashboard. An absolute must for any hybrid store.