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Loop returns

Eliminate shipping costs with point-of-sale returns.

Eliminate return shipping costs and improve your customer experience by allowing returns to be submitted online, then dropped off to your store – without a shipping label.

Better experience, lower cost.

Better experience, lower cost.

Point-of-sale returns eliminates return shipping costs by allowing customers to return their product without a shipping label.

shipping method No printer. No boxes. No tape.

No printer. No boxes. No tape.

Point-of-sale returns eliminate the headache of printing, packaging, and tape – giving your customers a simplified returning experience.

Items Returned

Drive repeat purchases.

Encourage customers to continue shopping by giving their refund credit immediately – while they’re still inside your store.

All returns in one place

All returns in one place.

Simplify your returns reporting by keeping all of point-of-sale returns and ecommerce returns together in one dashboard.