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Cash In On Your Returns Data

Loop collects your returns data for you in easy-to-read reports, so that you can learn more about how your shoppers interact with your products. Use these analytics to make informed choices about your inventory, put money back in your pocket, and improve your shopper experience.

Total breakdown of the Returns

Learn how shoppers return

Sure, Shopify shows Return Rate for your products, but Loop goes deeper—with Return Composition.

See the exact breakdown of your returns and learn how your shoppers like to return—are your shoppers simply looking for refunds? Or are they making simple exchanges, exchanges for new products with Shop Now, or asking for store credit?

When you know more about how your shoppers return, you know which return options work both for you and for them, which leads to higher revenue retention and greater customer lifetime value.

Return reasons; didn't fit, too tight, too small, other

See why shoppers return certain products

Choose what questions you want to ask to get to know your customers better—and keep them around longer.

With Loop, you can customize Return Reasons far beyond “It’s too big” or “I just didn’t like it.”

Make your returns into a real-time feedback loop that helps your team identify and solve product issues, clarify marketing messages, and eliminate the risk of guessing what to do next.


Upsell Revenue on returns

Turn your returns into a profit center

Offering more returns options allows you to retain would-be-lost revenue, but with Loop, your returns experience can even help drive upsells in a way that feels fulfilling for your shoppers.

Because your Loop dashboard shows all the refunds you magically transformed into exchanges, you can better learn from which returns options most incentivize your best shoppers.


return policy

See how your store stacks up

We analyzed more than 1500+ brands and over 10 million returns to give you a realistic benchmark to use when comparing your brand to industry competitors.