The Ecommerce Returns Benchmark Report

The Ecommerce Returns Benchmark Report

We analyzed more than 300 brands and over 2 million returns to show you how your brand stacks up in the industry.

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The average return rate in ecommerce is 19.06%.

We have also broken down the makeup of those returns to tell you what percentage are refunds, exchanges, and store credit. The full guide includes this breakdown per industry and brand size.

The average Loop brand retains revenue on 39.94% of returns.

Forward-thinking brands use their return process to retain revenue and even generate upsells.

Returns are seasonal and spike in late December.

The time of year has a BIG impact on how many returns your brand will see. The full report includes the highest and lowest return months by industry.

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The Ecommerce Returns Benchmark Report

The full report includes average return rate, return composition, and highest return months broken down by brand size and by industry.