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Ecommerce Returns Benchmark Report


The biggest Shopify returns report of the year is here!


We analyzed 1800+ brands and over 11.5M returns so you can see how your brand measures up in the industry.


Get the 2023 Ecommerce Returns Benchmark Report  to learn


  • How ecommerce returns fared in 2022 and what that means for your brand
  • Industry-specific benchmarks on return rates, retention rates, and upsell value
  • What factors contribute to a premier return experience
  • Top strategies to optimize your returns for retention


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Brands by vertical

The #1 Shopify returns benchmark

1800+ brands | Over 11.5M returns

Dive into your report to see how refund rates, retention rates, and upsell value per return break down across industry verticals. Apparel, footwear, accessories—you’ll find them all here. 

Plus, you’ll get a peek into the essential retention strategies driving success from top performing merchants.

Unlock the secret to retention

In 2022, ecommerce sales rose to $1.3 trillion, resulting in over $212 billion in online returns. With an 16.5% average return rate, ecommerce brands have the unique opportunity to transform an often dreaded result into retained dollars and customers. 

Don’t just take it from us—on average, Loop merchants retain revenue on 28.6% of their returns, and generate an average of $1.59 in upsell value per return. Who said returns have to be a goodbye?

Flip the script on returns

Returns don’t have to crush your bottom line. With the right tools, your post-purchase experience can transform into a top retention driver and support your brand on the path to profitability.

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