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Let your returns power customer loyalty


We surveyed 2,000 online shoppers in the US and UK to learn how post-purchase experiences impact their loyalty, satisfaction, and likelihood to buy again from a brand.


The results were clear: transparency, flexibility, and user-friendliness in the return process go a long way to keep shoppers coming back.


Get the report to learn:

1. What aspects of your post-purchase experience impact customer loyalty most

2. Why and how your return policy impacts first time and repeat purchases

3. Which physical return methods shoppers prefer

4. How sentiments differ between US and UK markets

Customer Loyalty Report

ecommerce returns

Is your return policy set to make the most out of peak season?

92% of shoppers check your return policy before making a purchase

Shoppers are scrutinizing your return policy, and what they find determines whether they buy or look elsewhere. And they aren’t just looking for free return shipping.

Return windows, methods, satisfaction guarantees, and more all have an impact on a shopper’s decision to purchase. Is your return policy helping or hurting your acquisition efforts?

online returns

Customer-centric returns drive long-term loyalty

93% of consumers are more likely to purchase from retailers who offer quality guarantees or warranties.

The majority of online shoppers now expect brands to have an easy-to-follow returns process. But customer-centric doesn’t just mean easy.

Consumers are also looking to personalization, post-purchase incentives, guarantees, and better communication as markers of a great brand experience. Are you capitalizing on all every opportunity to drive loyalty post-sale?

Transform returns into repeat purchases

See why 2000+ Shopify brands trust Loop to power their returns.