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51+ Insights Shaping the Next Era of Commerce


Customer acquisition costs are skyrocketing and logistics expenses are on an upward trajectory, brands are caught in a relentless squeeze. 


The question looms: How can e-commerce brands navigate this challenging landscape and emerge victorious?


The Future of Commerce report is your roadmap to sustainable success, uncovering actionable insights and strategies in key areas, including:


  • 🤔 Rising Return Fraud
  • 💸 Operational Costs
  • 📊 Channel Diversification
  • 💎 Post-Purchase Retention
  • 🌎 Global Expansion

Learn how to protect margins, optimize operations, and seize growth opportunities amidst rising costs and market uncertainties.


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Percentage of shoppers dissuaded from engaging in fraud if a fee for returns is charged


Rate at which “near me” searches for brick and mortar stores increased in recent years

$3.3 trillion

Predicted total of cross-border e-commerce transactions by 2028

Sneak Peek Into the Insights

  • Rising Return Fraud: Discover how return fraud has increased to an estimated 13.7% and how charging a fee for returns can dissuade 37% of shoppers from engaging in fraud.                                                                               
  • Channel Diversification: Explore the trend of in-person shopping resurgence, with ‘near me’ searches increasing 3X in recent years, and the importance of a multichannel experience.                                                                                                      
  • Global Expansion: Grasp the potential of cross-border e-commerce, predicted to reach over $3.3 trillion in transactions by 2028, and the growth opportunities it presents.


“The last year saw retailers place a bigger focus on the post-purchase experience than they have in previous years. Top line ecommerce growth rates have slowed and costs have increased across the board, putting greater pressure on margins.”

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