Today, we’re excited to share the Loop and Gorgias integration is officially available to all Shopify merchants.  

Over 21,000 support agents use Gorgias on a daily basis to create amazing experiences for their shoppers, and it’s no surprise that they’re the number #1 Customer Support app on Shopify. And top ecommerce brands like Allbirds, Tecovas, and Thinx depend on Loop to automate returns and increase LTV by turning refunds into exchanges. 

Now, we’re teaming up to take your customer experience to the next level and we’re proud to announce that Loop is the only returns platform integrated with Gorgias.   

This means every brand can create a seamless return experience that’s memorable for your shoppers and ensure that all returns data is available in your helpdesk – no more switching tools to get the information you need.

Here are 5 powerful capabilities that are available to every customer-obsessed Shopify brand that uses Loop and Gorgias together.  

Create a self-service returns experience

Every time a shopper engages with your service team, your goal is to provide a memorable and amazing customer experience.  But wouldn’t it be nice to allow the customer to resolve some issues on their own?  

We think so.  

(And customers think so 😀 ) 

Now, brands using Gorgias and Loop can simply direct shoppers to their Returns Page and allow the customer to submit an exchange or refund on their own. In just a few clicks they can choose what items they’d like to return, generate a return shipping label, and keep shopping.

Brands using Loop have 15% less refunds than the average brand on Shopify. That’s because they’re driving more exchanges and incentivizing customers to keep shopping with Bonus Credit.

Get the full picture of every customer’s shopping history 

In order to deliver a world-class shopping experience, your agents need a clear picture of every customer’s shopping history.  This is a tenet of Gorgias’ helpdesk:  you can easily view your customer’s order history as you’re working on their ticket.  No more switching between tabs or cutting and pasting.  

That’s why we’ve brought Loop’s powerful returns and exchanges data directly into the Gorgias platform.  

Is the customer wondering the status of a return?  No problem. 

Are they looking to make sure their exchange was processed correctly?  Easy.  

The Loop + Gorgias integration is built to allow your service team to deliver a seamless experience every time, and it lives natively in the platform they’re already using.

Loop and Gorgias are the two best customer support tools in our tech stack and now we can use them together.

– Richard Ramsuchit, CX Manager, Vitaly Design

Navigate directly to open return requests

Even though Loop is the easiest way for shoppers to process their own returns, there are always scenarios where a customer just needs to speak with someone on your team.  So when your customers call or email you to start a return, the Loop + Gorgias integration makes it simple.  

One-click simple, actually.

Once your support team has pulled up the shopper’s profile, all they need to do is click on the Order Number and they’ll find themselves right inside of the Loop admin.  From here, it’s easy to take care of whatever the customer is looking for. 

For instance, customers often start a support ticket just to confirm that their return has been processed.  Your team can quickly find the answer and close out the ticket, because Loop tracks every item that’s been returned along with it’s order status.  

There are times when a customer submitted a refund but later decides that they’d rather exchange for a different item.  No problem at all.  Just locate the item, edit it, and help your customer pick out the item they originally wanted.  

These simple experiences are what make customers come back as loyal shoppers again and again.

Personalize the conversation with Return Reasons

The key to delivering memorable customer experiences lie within your team’s ability to relate to each and every customer as individuals.  When shoppers feel like you know them, when they feel like you can empathize with them, that is the moment when a lasting connection is formed.  

Within the Gorgias admin, you’ll be able to easily see the reason why the customer returned or exchanged the product in question.  This allows for your support agents to proactively relate the shopper.  

Imagine the impression a conversation like this would leave on a shopper:

“It looks like you returned that pair of boots because it was too large.  Sorry to hear that, we’ve actually had a few customers this week who have felt the same way about the fit.  If you liked that style, I’d be happy to exchange it for a smaller size.  What do you think?”

Close Support Tickets Faster

50% of all support tickets are created because of an issue with an existing order and the vast majority of those turn into return requests.  With Gorgias + Loop, you’ll save time and close tickets faster because your helpdesk and returns platform are working together. 

Now, your customers have options:

They can bypass your support team completely and process a return on their own. As long as they have their order number, they’re good to go.  

They can reach out for help. And when that happens your team will close more tickets, faster, because every important piece of information from Shopify and Loop is all embedded right within the Gorgias admin, making it simpler than ever for your team to process the return.  

Loop and Gorgias working together creates a smoother experience for your shoppers and a more efficient operation for Shopify brands.  

Ready to get started? 

Now is the best time to prepare for the rush of support tickets coming this holiday season, and together with Gorgias we’re ready to support you. 

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