It’s been a busy year here at Loop. We’ve been paying close attention to what our merchants are looking for, and building new features to meet their needs. 

Specifically, we’re building a best-in-class returns and reverse logistics management experience that allows brands to unlock profits from returns and reverse logistics by delighting shoppers and optimizing reverse logistics operations. It’s all part of our commitment to making merchants successful. 

In case you missed any of our feature announcements, here’s a quick recap of some of our exciting new feature launches from 2023:

  • Shop Later
    “Shop Later” gives you the opportunity to convert shoppers who initially choose a refund rather than an exchange. With our “Shop Later” feature, you can incentivize your customers by adding a bonus credit offer to their existing store credit, encouraging them to browse your inventory to find a new item they’ll love. Rather than losing a customer who’s opted for a refund, you’ll be able to re-convert them with a post-purchase winback campaign that helps you retain revenue and build customer loyalty.

  • Track Returns and Exchanges
    Build customer trust by providing visibility throughout their post-purchase journey. With our Return Tracking features, your shoppers will gain access to real-time shipping and status updates, ensuring that they know the status of their return shipment and refund at all times. If they opt for an exchange, they’ll also receive instant shipping notifications so that they know when their new item is out for delivery. On the merchant side, you’ll have the opportunity to spot shipping errors when they occur, and proactively identify solutions that will keep your customers happy.

  • Loop Point-of-Sale
    Our new POS solution provides you with more return options to lower costs and drive customer satisfaction. Customers can now choose from reboxing and shipping the product themselves, or visiting a nearby drop-off location to scan in the item with a QR code, where it will be professionally repackaged.

    Providing more options to your customers around how to return products delivers a more convenient customer experience. It’s a win on the merchant side, too: For brands that have their own retail stores, encouraging customers to drop off items there can also encourage them to take another look to find a product they’ll love. Consolidating multiple returns into a single shipment at drop-off centers can also help you save money on return shipping and lower your carbon footprint.

  • Warranties
    Our new Warranties feature automates and streamlines the process of managing a warranty return. If a customer has an issue with a product, they’ll be able to input the details directly in the returns portal and immediately file a warranty claim, rather than go back and forth with customer support. From there, if they’ve filed an eligible claim, your brand will be able to ship them an instant replacement or offer them a refund or store credit for another purchase, even if it’s outside of your standard return window. Warranties can help you cut down on customer support tickets related to product defects, and empower you to collect rich data insights that you can use to understand trends in your warranty claims and optimize operations to improve your supply chain.

  • QR Codes
    Shoppers don’t always have the supplies on hand to print and affix a mailing label to a package for return delivery, adding frustration to the experience. Instead, you can now offer them a printerless return experience by providing scannable QR codes that they can use with many of our carriers, including USPS, FedEx, RoyalMail, AusPost, and Canada Post. Customers can take their packages to any approved location for the carrier, scan in their QR code with an attendant, and get instant confirmation that their return has been processed. Why go the extra mile with QR codes? As shopper expectations around shipping flexibility continue to rise, making small strides to meet your customers where they’re at can go a long way toward building customer loyalty, which ultimately helps your bottom line (and keeps your name on their lips when they’re recommending where to shop).

  • Shipping Label Customizations
    Streamline warehouse operations and inventory management by customizing your shipping labels based on the information that your brand needs to track inventory. Rather than relying on standard fields, you can now configure custom values on your shipping labels, such as Return ID or Order ID. Drive new efficiencies in your return process by making sure that your operators have the data they need at a glance.

  • Recurate & Arrive Integrations
    Your customers are committed to sustainable shopping – and that extends to the returns process. More than 9.5 billion pounds of returned products end up in landfills each year: don’t add to this trend. Our new integrations with secondary sales marketplaces Recurate and Arrive make it easy to contribute to the circular economy, by reselling your returned products in a branded secondary marketplace. You’ll be able to recapture lost revenue, divert landfill waste, and help your products find a second life. 

This is only a quick look at some of the many features we released in 2023. Take a look at our release notes here for a comprehensive list of our advances in returns.

We’re excited to launch even more new features in 2024. Ready to try us out? Sign up for a demo today.