Shopify is part of Loop’s DNA. Our founding team, early employees, and a big chunk of our current team grew inside the Shopify ecosystem. That experience spans founding Shopify agencies, running our own stores, and building other Shopify apps. 

The experience across Shopify gave us the confidence to build Loop on the platform. From there, we set out to build a return and exchange process that would solve the problems of Shopify Plus’ largest brands. 

Our journey began with creating a solution for Chubbies. From the beginning we were obsessed with building solutions to the problems Shopify Plus brands were facing. The first version of our app was in direct response to specific challenges the apparel industry was facing. From there we kept going, helping more and more Shopify Plus brands develop love after purchase like AllbirdsFIGS, and Thursday Boots

Our app, our history, and our team are deeply rooted in Shopify, and that is why being a certified app means so much to Loop.

This certification shows our commitment to Shopify Plus brands

The certification ensures that Loop meets the highest standards of app development as set by the Shopify Plus team. It means that Loop has been vetted so that the brands we work with are getting the best in quality, performance, and support. 

Shopify Plus brands have unique requirements around scalability, customization, and building a  strong brand identity. We build partnerships with each brand we work with so that we can solve the return and exchanges piece for them. As your partner is our responsibility to make returns more efficient and economical, retain you more revenue through exchanges, and create love after purchase. 

With this certification you now know that Shopify Plus trusts us to deliver on that promise.

Not only are we certified, but we are Shopify exclusive

Everything about Loop is created with your Shopify specific workflows in mind. That’s because our app is only available on Shopify. We know the platform and obsess over creating the best experience for those who work in Shopify every day. 

We know this platform, and we live to make those who use it as successful as possible!

We will wear this badge with pride

I guess this entire post was the long way of saying that we will wear this badge with pride.

We are proud of the work we do, and humbled that we get to work with so many amazing brands each and every day.