While traditional warehouses and warehouse management systems (WMS) are designed for outbound logistics, Two Boxes, like Loop, obsesses over reverse logistics and the post-purchase experience. 

About Two Boxes

Two Boxes launched in 2022 with a mission to build a better way to handle returns. Since then, they’ve partnered with over a dozen 3PL customers, empowering them to process tens of millions worth of returned inventory for leading brands across the US and Canada. Two Boxes’ innovative solutions have not only saved countless labor hours but have also prevented thousands of units of inventory from ending up in landfills. Moreover, they’ve armed both 3PLs and brands with invaluable data, making returns more efficient, intelligent, and eco-friendly.

About Loop

Loop is the post-purchase platform that enables brands, such as Allbirds, FIGS, Princess Polly and Chubbies, to transform returns into exchanges. Loop helps over 3,000 brands increase customer loyalty, retain more revenue, and lower reverse logistics costs. Through innovative features like Instant Exchanges, Shop Now, and Bonus Credit, Loop has helped merchants retain more than $1 billion in revenue over the past five years.

Two Boxes x Loop: The Perfect Match

The Two Boxes x Loop partnership allows Loop to easily connect to any warehouse using Two Boxes without any additional integration development. By leveraging Two Boxes to bridge the technical gap between your warehouse and Loop, you’ll gain:

  • Automate detailed RMAs to stay in the know
    • Every return created in Loop creates a corresponding, detailed Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) in Two Boxes. This gives your team better visibility into when returns are coming in and what items to expect.
  • Speed up the process to complete a return, even the complicated ones
    • This integration allows labels to correspond to existing RMAs, and enables the warehouse to easily communicate with Loop to issue refunds after an inspection.  
  • Flag fraud before it takes its toll
    • When the warehouse identifies an issue, be it a box of rocks or a returned item in poor condition, and marks it in Two Boxes, the return will be flagged automatically in Loop for further review before your team issues a refund or sends out an exchange.
  • Access more meaningful insights for data-driven operations
    • You can view and aggregate enriched returns data from the warehouse in Loop including item grading, disposition, and any detailed notes. Armed with both warehouse and returns management insights, you can take informed actions to improve your reverse logistics margins.

Two Boxes x Loop can revolutionize your reverse logistics for a smarter returns experience through thoughtfully designed software and a seamless integration. Interested in transforming your post-purchase experience?

Reach out to the Loop team today to learn more.