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Loop vs ZigZag: Why more merchants choose Loop


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The biggest benefit of Loop is that our customers can instantly choose what they would like to do with their return.

Dessi Bell Founder & CEO
We operate at a higher scale: 3,500+ merchants, $1B+ revenue retained, Shopify-backed.

Why choose Loop over ZigZag?

customer loyalty

Customize your return experience to drive customer loyalty

Our intuitive, self-serve portal delivers a hassle-free experience for your customers, while keeping the backend accounting and processing simple for your staff. 

Loop offers more robust customization options for your return policy than ZigZag. With our easy-to-use Workflows, you can auto-enforce your return policy however you desire: require photos, only allow refunds on damaged goods, give extra Bonus Credit to VIP customers, mark high-value or potentially fraudulent returns for manual review – all with just a few clicks. Power the automation you need to make returns a breeze for both your customers and your team.

Loop returns

Retain more revenue from your returns

On average, Loop merchants retain revenue on 40% of their returns through Store Credit or Exchanges during the returns process. Plus, we give you the opportunity to open your entire catalog for an exchange to drive upsell revenue. This makes returning feel like shopping again and encourages customers to not only keep the money from their order with you, but also come back for more.

Loop has pioneered various exchange features including Instant Exchanges, Bonus Credit, and Shop Later – all striving to convert more refunds into exchanges, retain more revenue, boost customer LTV, and make returns an asset to your brand.


Rich data & partnerships that allow your business to scale

With Loop’s advanced analytics, we make it easy for you to learn from your returns data. Looking at return reasons and product data can help merchants identify SKUs that are frequently returned and address potential manufacturing issues, while customer and item condition data can be used to detect patterns and anomalies in transactions that could contribute to fraud.

In addition, Loop has 60+ integrations with other top ecommerce solutions to ensure that you have the tools you need to grow your business and a consistent experience between your systems.

DHL returns

The right logistics stack for your products

Loop works with major UK carriers to help you set up the best logistics solution for your returns. Use RoyalMail, DPDUK or DHL? No problem. Need international return shipping? We’ve got you covered.


Cannot fault Loop, they have made Returns so much better for us! Our onboarding manager has been perfect throughout setup and even after with any questions we have had. Such an ease working with these guys and I can’t thank them enough!



The platform provides an easy-to-use seamless interface for the customer while increasing retained revenue to reduce the overall financial impact on our business. The customer satisfaction rating has also been positively impacted through the platform. highly recommended for businesses looking to optimise the overall returns process.

We love LOOP! The interface is super user-friendly and is a great customer experience. The help we’ve received from the LOOP team has also been extraordinary.

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