Mothers – and the mother figures in all of our lives, whether they gave birth to us or not – make a lot of sacrifices for the benefit of their children.

The Mother’s Day we celebrate in the United States was first founded as a holiday in 1915, in honor of Ann Reeves Jarvis, known as Mother Jarvis.

Mother Jarvis worked tirelessly during and after the Civil War to help improve conditions for families and soldiers. She organized “mothers’ day work clubs” to teach young mothers about hygiene and child-rearing skills to help prevent diseases that often took young children’s lives; organized “women’s brigades” to help wounded soldiers on both sides of the fight; and created a “Mother’s Friendship Day” to foster community between families of Union and Confederate soldiers.

Mother Jarvis was a much beloved activist that after her death, her daughter, Anna M. Jarvis, petitioned to create a holiday, Mother’s Day, in honor of her mother – and in 1915, her efforts paid off, with President Woodrow Wilson declaring the second Sunday of May to be a national holiday in honor of mothers.

Over the years, the holiday has transformed from a simple ceremony to honor mothers to a highly commercialized event – with nearly $32 billion in spending expected this Mother’s Day.

Nonetheless, you can honor the original intention of Mother’s Day while also picking up something special for the special mother figures in your life by focusing on a meaningful Mother’s Day gift that gives back to an important cause.

Here are a few of our favorite cause-driven ecommerce shops to consider for your Mother’s Day shopping.

Made Free
Made Free is a line of apparels, bags, and accessories that’s created in sweatshop-free environments in South Asia, where women are paid a sustainable wage to make sustainable products. Every purchase made supports a day of freedom from human trafficking, poverty, and slavery through a job that offers a living wage and ethical treatment. Explore the site to check out their products and learn more about the stories behind their producers.

Life Is Good
You’ve most likely already seen this brand’s popular tee shirts, hats, flip-flops, and dozens of other products, most emblazoned with its motto, “Life Is Good.” Their items are cute and comfortable, and they’re also working to make life good for children in difficult living situations: The company donates 10% of its net profits to childcare organizations to help them create safe and loving environments where children can thrive. Check out the shop here.

Does your mom love her morning coffee or tea? Then the black-owned social enterprise Blk&Bold’s products may be a great fit for her this Mother’s Day. The certified B Corporation gives back 5% of its profits to nonprofit programs that support at-risk youth, with community partnerships dedicated to free coding classes, urban farming, urban arts, and other innovative initiatives. Visit their store.

Who doesn’t love fun, cozy socks? Bombas designs lines of colorful socks, as well as slippers, tees, and undies that your mother will love (though maybe let her buy the undies herself). With every purchase of a clothing item made, the brand gives one back to a homeless shelter, and has donated more than 50 million items to homeless shelters around the United States to date. Take a look at their products here for a gift that gives back.

This brand offers hypoallergenic, eco-friendly fragrances and candles in nature-inspired scents like honeysuckle and salt air – perfect for gifting. Skylar gives back a portion of proceeds to a different nonprofit group each month, including NAACP, Teach For America, Step Up, the Global Fund for Women, and more. Discover their products here.

If there’s nothing your mom adores more than her dog, then a gift for Fido will be a gift for her. Consider purchasing her a subscription to BarkBox, which delivers a customized box of toys and treats for her favorite furry friend every month. The company has committed to donate $10 million in dog beds and products to animal shelters throughout the United States. To find a great gift for your dog-loving mom, check out BarkBox.

Sand Cloud
Sand Cloud offers a variety of beautiful beach blankets and towels that your mom is sure to love. And, if she loves to spend time at the beach, then she probably also cares about marine conservation: 10% of the company’s profits go toward marine conservation initiatives, including a coral restoration fund, a Hawaii wildlife conservation program, and a sea turtle rehabilitation center. Take a look at their products here.

Hedley & Bennett
Hedley & Bennett produces chef-quality aprons – and if your mom’s either a pro chef or just a whiz in her home kitchen, she’ll love their beautiful and functional apron designs. The limited edition Yosemite Terrain apron features a beautiful landscape of California’s Yosemite National Park, and gives a portion of proceeds to The Conservation Alliance to help support conservation efforts throughout America’s wild spaces. Get the apron here.

And of course, we can’t forget about the most popular Mother’s Day gift of all: a bouquet of fresh flowers. To give a bouquet that gives back, take a look at ReVased: This online flower delivery shop sources its blooms from sustainable-minded farms, and donates flowers to different organizations each month – including nursing homes, women’s shelters, cancer support groups, and hospitals. Find the perfect arrangement here.

Hopefully, you’ve found some great options for the mother figures in your life – but don’t forget that Mother’s Day is about more than gifts, it’s also about offering them your thanks for everything they’ve done to make you who you are. (So, if you can, pick up the phone!)

Happy Mother’s Day.