When your Shopify business is based in the United Kingdom, but you’re looking to expand to international shoppers, finding the right courier service is a real concern. You need a reliable, secure, and affordable company with flexible delivery services.

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Ideally, you would like to work with a company that is knowledgeable and can manage information such as customs requirements, taxes and tariffs in the country that products are being shipped to. Whether you’re a B2B or B2C business, the courier company should be able to deliver cross-border order fulfillment in a timely manner, guaranteeing customer satisfaction. There are so many options, it can often become overwhelming.

In this article, you’ll find out:

  • What sets Skynet Worldwide Express apart
  • How to manage international deliveries
  • How to streamline international returns

What sets Skynet Worldwide Express apart

Skynet Worldwide Express is the world’s largest independently owned courier company, providing international B2C and B2B delivery to over 150 countries. Founded in 1972, they have delivered over five million shipments worldwide, and are growing more every year. Their experience with ecommerce orders means they can assist UK e-Retailers in finding the right solutions for all their shipping needs. Skynet Worldwide Express’s major gateways include Dubai, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, London, Frankfurt, Miami, Singapore and Sydney.

Having worked extensively with ecommerce companies, Skynet is able to offer a personalized experience that fits your brand values. They offer a range of distribution services such as international express delivery, domestic express delivery solutions in the UK, Sameday, Air, Sea and Road Freight, Mailing and Fulfilment and a wide selection of Logistics storage and pick & pack services.

With global coverage in 156 countries and over 1,000 offices worldwide, it’s safe to say that Skynet Worldwide Express has a strong courier network. They keep shoppers in the loop by providing real-time SMS and email notifications about shipment status in the shopper’s native language. Skynet has also developed a strong international PUDO (pick up, drop off) network. If a shopper isn’t available for delivery, they can choose to pick their order up from a parcel locker or local Skynet or postal office and convenience store.

How to manage international deliveries

Their most popular shipping solution, International Air Express, offers numerous benefits. These include comprehensive tracking, proof of delivery, high value, time-sensitive delivery, insurance coverage and services for goods weighing up to 66 pounds. They also offer DDP (delivered duty paid) and DDU (delivered duty unpaid) services.

Even better, Skynet Worldwide Express offers eco-friendly courier services to offset its carbon footprint. Skynet’s UK fleet is aiming to become 100% Euro standard 6, a measure introduced to help reduce European emissions. Skynet also operates electric vehicles for deliveries, which covers 1,500 clean miles per month in London.

When shipping internationally, you should be aware of the required custom forms and tariffs in destination countries. Thanks to its growing international network, Skynet offers a range of options to meet ecommerce requirements. 

By using one delivery partner that offers multiple services, you can reduce costs and save money on shipments. For specialized items, such as dangerous goods, Skynet Worldwide Express has a specialized team that makes it easy to deliver goods using end-to-end transportation and delivery of Hazardous Goods under classification ID8000 Consumer Commodity Class 9 limited quantity. This includes items like moisturizers, nail polish and perfumes. Other goods the company commonly deals with include:

  • Aftershave, perfumes, wines and spirits (Class 3 flammable liquid)
  • Body Sprays and deodorants (Class 2 flammable gas)
  • Hair dye (Class 5.2 Organic Peroxide)
  • Lithium batteries, laptops and e-cigarettes (Class 9 Miscellaneous)

When it comes to packaging, Skynet works with Royal Mail and other delivery services to ensure your online orders are meeting required package restrictions. If you have questions, Skynet Worldwide Express has a head office in Hounslow, London, as well as branch offices in Birmingham, Leeds, Bristol, Nottingham, Manchester and Newcastle–help is never too far away.

How to streamline international returns

When it comes to returns, Skynet has your back. The company partners with ecommerce platforms to help streamline the process. Skynet offers an online platform that allows shoppers to choose their returns option, then generate a label to make shipping to a SkyNet In-Country Office easy. As soon as the package is returned and scanned, shoppers can receive store credit or a refund.

In addition to having a sound courier service, using Loop Returns with your Shopify UK account will allow your online store to maintain individuality while gaining access to the automation and functionality of a global retail powerhouse. At the start of the returns process, Loop allows shoppers to immediately initiate an exchange, instead of having to wait for the item to be received by the merchant. This will become important for international customers since shipping times can be lengthy and supply chains are faulty (as we saw during the height of the coronavirus pandemic). Skynet’s tracking system provides your business and shoppers with real-time updates on shipments.

By making the global returns process as easy as a local one, you can boost customer retention even if the original purchase didn’t work out. Shopify payments and drop shipping allow UK ecommerce businesses to leverage automation through their operations both domestically and abroad. Loop has partnered with Shopify to make returns easy. Shoppers can quickly generate a return label or bring the product to a drop-off center, then instantly receive their credit, exchange or return.

Using an express courier service, like Skynet, with experience in managing orders within the United Kingdom and beyond can make a world of difference. No matter how large your ecommerce company grows, you should never have to sacrifice quality. The right tools can help ensure your delivery and return rates match the value of your products.

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