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Returns aren’t going away, they’re only growing

inventory management

Insight #1: Know what you have—and why

Transparency throughout the supply chain is crucial for adapting quickly to changes and optimizing costs.

fulfillment options

Insight #2: Focus on ease and cost-effectiveness

Free returns are coming to an end, but shoppers have higher expectations than ever before. Keeping your sights trained on what is cost-effective for your brand, without sacrificing shopper convenience, is going to be crucial for reverse logistics.

sustainable returns

Insight #3: Embrace sustainability

For merchants, focusing on your brand’s impact on the environment is both a business and an ethical decision, one that your shoppers are paying more attention to in 2023.

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Future of Returns?

Future of Returns

Is your brand ready for the Future of Returns? Here’s what to know.

Future of Shopper Experience

Keep your best shoppers happy—especially during a return.

Future of Merchant Growth

Returns are an opportunity for your brand, not something to dread.


Learn where your brand stands—so that you can plan for the future.