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Returns are an opportunity for your brand, not something to dread

ecommerce returns

Insight #1: Returns are a retention & profit center

Shift your thinking from growth at all costs to building a profitable and sustainable business using returns as a way to leverage profits.

supply chain disruptions

Insight #2: Fight supply chain costs with automation

Use the right technology and Shopify partners to help you scale your shop efficiently to minimize operational disruptions in returns.

Ecommerce returns for small business

Insight #3: Bet on yourself and learn as you go

Iteration is key to successful innovation.

Want to know more about the

Future of Returns?

Future of Returns

Is your brand ready for the Future of Returns? Here’s what to know.

Future of Shopper experience

Keep your best shoppers happy—especially during a return.

Future of Reverse Logistics

Returns aren’t going away, they’re only growing—and that’s good.

2023 Benchmark Report

Learn where your brand stands—so that you can plan for the future.