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Shoppers care about returns, even before they purchase

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Insight #1: Know and empower your shoppers

Curated recommendations, commerce options, and messaging throughout each shopper’s journey with your brand—before buying, during purchase, and during returns—are key to building loyalty.

Insight #2: One size does not fit all

Segmentation, customization, and personalization are crucial to driving shopper loyalty, at every step of their interaction with your brand.

shopper experience in returns

Insight #3: Prioritize shopper experience, not just customer support

Customer support shouldn’t be reactive—it should be part of delivering a great shopper experience from end to end.

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Future of Returns?

Future of Returns

Is your brand ready for the Future of Returns? Here’s what to know.

Future of Reverse Logistics

Returns aren’t going away, they’re only growing—and that’s a good thing.

Future of Merchant Growth

Returns are an opportunity for your brand, not something to dread.


Learn where your brand stands—so that you can plan for the future.