Introducing Printerless Returns: The convenience your customers are craving

Great returns experiences are all about convenience.


Today, Loop is thrilled to introduce Printerless Returns.

We surveyed hundreds of online shoppers and asked them to answer a few questions about their experience with online returns. The results were fascinating (we will publish those soon). But, there was one answer that shocked us, one that got us thinking really hard about how we could solve it for your customers:

89.6% of shoppers have kept an item that they wanted to return.

Almost 90% of people we surveyed have kept an item that they actually wanted to return. There will be some debate over whether this is a good or bad thing in the ecommerce community, but to Loop the answer was quite clear:  it’s a VERY BAD thing.

This means a customer is sticking with a product that hasn’t lived up to their expectations. Your brand may have retained the revenue in the short-run, but this kind of behavior doesn’t work over time.  It leads to a lower likelihood of a second purchase, less brand loyalty, and fewer referrals to friends and family. 

Why do people keep a product they don’t want?  Responses varied but it really came down to one key theme: online returns are too confusing or time-consuming. 

That’s where Printerless Returns comes in. 

A great returns experience is all about convenience:

Why customers don't return

Here are the three reasons you want to add Printerless Returns. 👇

1. 30% of households don’t own a printer

Despite a steadily declining market, printers are still present in 70% of American households. Which makes online returns accessible to the majority, but not everyone. What are those 30% of people supposed to do if they need to send something back to your brand?

Use Loop’s Printerless option of course! 

People tend to evaluate a brand’s return experience based on convenience and how quickly they can complete it. When a customer doesn’t have a readily accessible printer it makes the process VERY inconvenient and extends the time it takes for them to complete their return. They have to email a friend, head to the office early, or pay to print somewhere (yuck). 

Loop now gives customers the option to easily switch between a print-at-home label or a QR code that they can take to a drop-off location.

QR code gif

Return flexibility is what leads to a favorable return experience, that’s why Loop gives your customer the option to decide which method is most convenient for them.

2. Complete a return with just your phone and the item to return

Not only do Printerless Returns remove the need for a printer, but they also allow a customer to start, complete, and execute the return completely from their phone. It creates a true mobile return experience.

Printerless Returns Mobile Image

Instead of giving the customer a label to print, Loop creates a QR code that the customer can simply present at a drop-off location (more on that next). The QR code contains the details of the shipment and includes a copy of the return shipping label for the carrier once they scan it in.

Worried about customers losing the QR code? Don’t be. Your customers can access the code anytime on the return status page or in the email confirmation that is sent to them once they finish the return in Loop and need to take the item to the drop-off. 

The entire return process can be completed by the shopper, from their phone. All a customer needs to do now is take the item to one of 11,000 new drop-off locations.

3. Your customers get access to 11,000 drop-off locations

We know that convenience and customer experience is everything and by partnering with FedEx and Walgreens your customers now have access to over 11,000 drop-off locations across the United States. 80% of Americans live within 7 minutes of a Walgreens.

Printerless Returns Drop Off Locations

They just take the QR code on their phone to the drop-off location with the item they wish to return. It’s that simple! 

But how will they know where the nearest drop-off location is? Great question. We give your customers access to that information right inside of Loop. They simply input their zip code and we will present them with the closest locations. You can even see how many locations are close to you here.

Returning something has never been so convenient.

A great returns experience is all about convenience

Your returns experience is one of the few areas in ecommerce where you can still truly wow your customers. If you exceed their expectations of course. 

The expectation today is a customer-centric return policy with a process that is fast, hassle-free, and above all convenient. You can build that convenience today with Printerless Returns.

If you’d like to talk more about Printerless Returns and how Loop can build a returns experience your customers will love, book a demo above!