When it comes to building a modern return policy page, you may find yourself curious about what the best in ecommerce are doing. Well, you’re in luck. We’re going to spotlight five brands with top-notch return policy pages and break down their exact approach.

5 return policy pages examples you should copy

67% of shoppers check a return policy before making a purchase. This means that your return policy is one of the most highly trafficked pages on your website, and how you present it will affect the purchasing decisions of your customers. Take a look at these five return policy page examples for inspiration:

1. Brooklinen

Brooklinen was built to deliver simple, beautiful home essentials at a fair price. The brand’s core values are built around delivering amazing products, a better experience, personal touches, and an efficient supply chain. 

Why Brooklinen’s return policy page is worth copying:

  • It’s easy to find. One of the most common mistakes we see brands make is having the return link in the footer lead straight into the return process. Your customers want to understand your return policy before taking action. That’s why we love the way Brooklinen designed its footer link, which is clearly labeled as “returns + exchanges” but leads directly to the return policy page, not the process. 
  • Options are clear and visual. When you get to the page they create a bit of a choose your own adventure and make it easy to get where you need. Looking to exchange? Click that button. Looking to take advantage of the quality gurantee? Click that button.
  • Visible on product pages. As we mentioned before, your customers want to see your return policy. That’s why it’s important to find ways to maximize its visibility. Brooklinen does an excellent job with this by highlighting its return policy on every single product page. If their customers want to learn more, all they have to do is scroll down and click on the footer link to visit the return policy page. Easy.  


CUUP sells modern bras and underwear that were designed to look and feel great in every size. Their focus is on redefining the intimates industry with simple, clean aesthetics and more inclusive sizing options. 

Why CUUP’s return policy page is worth copying:

  • Short and sweet. We love that Cuup’s entire return policy is summarized in a few short sentences. But it still addresses all the key returns information customers need, such as the associated costs (read: totally free), length of the return window, and potential restrictions.
  • Clear call to action. Many brands don’t offer clear instructions on how to start the return process. This usually happens because the information is buried in a wall of text or lives on a different page. This creates a super frustrating experience for customers. Cuup, on the other hand, features a clear CTA on its page along with specific instructions for exchanges and refunds.

3. Walkee Paws

Walkee Paws makes waterproof leggings for your four-footed friends, protecting them from the elements, germs, and chemicals on their everyday walks. This is a great example of a brand that transformed its return policy page from meh to magical. Just take a look at the returns transformation images.

Why Walkee Paws’ return policy page is worth copying:

  • Focuses on the most important questions. When it comes to your return policy, we believe there are five key questions that need to be addressed. Walkee Paws answers all these questions (and more) on their page without overwhelming customers with unnecessary information. 
  • Highly visual. Return policies aren’t always the most exciting to look at. But Walkee Paws manages to make its page fun and engaging. Between the bright colors, cute dog photos, and high-quality product images, they do an incredible job of drawing customers into the page.

This new and improved returns policy page was put into place just in time for the increase in sales the brand saw from their episode of Shark Tank airing.

4. Sozy

Sozy is a small female-founded clothing brand based in Encinitas, California that supports women in every part of the business. They believe in creating styles that are designed by women, for women.

Why Sozy’s return policy page is worth copying:

  • Simple design. You may feel overwhelmed by the idea of having to design a return policy page from scratch. That’s totally fair. It’s frequently true that creating a quality page requires time, money, and design resources. However, Sozy is a return policy page example that proves simple is just as effective. No expensive design agency needed.

5. Allbirds

Allbirds is a footwear brand that uses only natural materials like merino wool and eucalyptus. The business has a huge following of loyal customers who love its extremely comfortable shoes, eco-friendly practices, and easy end-to-end shopping experience. 

Why Allbirds’ return policy page is worth copying:

  • No-frills approach. When a customer turns to a brand’s return policy page, they’re expecting to find answers – not a wall of text. That’s why we’re huge fans of Allbirds’ return policy page, which is concise, straightforward, and simple. 
  • Used in marketing efforts. We frequently talk about how a return policy is one of your best marketing assetsAllbirds puts this idea into action by raising the visibility of its page through marketing efforts. Take a look at the example below, where Allbirds uses a social media advertisement to promote its return policy page.

We encourage you to use these five return policy page examples as a starting point. From there, you can build your own awesome return policy page that makes sense for your brand. If you need help, get in touch. We’d love to help you create a returns experience your customers love.