If you run an ecommerce business, there’s a good chance that a big portion of your customer support requests relate to one key concern: product returns.

The customer may be trying to initiate a return, or they may be checking on the status of their refund or exchange.

Whatever the case, these questions end up tying up your support agents on repetitive questions – when they could be using their time to answer higher-level questions that truly demand their specialized expertise.

The solution? Enter Zendesk x Loop. 

By partnering a  leading customer service help desk with our best-in-class returns management solution, you can ensure that your support agents have the  context they need to answer return-related questions faster.

Here’s a look at how Zendesk and Loop can work together to provide a better customer support experience for customers who are processing a return or exchange.

Zendesk helps you put your customers first

Zendesk is a powerful CRM that helps you manage all of your customer support channels in one place – from phone, to chat, to email, to SMS or in-app messaging. Zendesk makes it easy to deploy Bots to answer simple questions, or guide customers to the Help Center for answers, so that customers can find answers faster and your support agents can free up time for more complex support requests. 

By integrating Zendesk and Loop together, you can dramatically reduce the number of support ticket requests for returns, while providing valuable context for the requests that do come in, so that your agents can quickly and painlessly help your customers get the answers they need.

Zendesk x Loop: Elevate and automate your returns support

Incorporating Loop into your Shopify store means that your customers can self-service their returns request, rather than going through a customer support channel to initiate a return. That saves your customers time and frustration, and enables your customer support team to scale more easily – eliminating thousands of support tickets related to initiating a return. 

Loop sets conditions to determine if a product is return-eligible, and, if it is, enables customers to choose between a return or an exchange, pulling from real-time inventory in your store to help the customer decide easily. They can then print a return shipping label or download a scannable QR code they can use at a drop-off location – transforming the returns process into an automated sequence that the customer can complete without support assistance in the space of seconds.

And, for those customers that do still have support requests, the Loop integration with Zendesk x Loop enables your brand to push directly integrate all of your Loop customer data into your Zendesk CRM, so that your support agents will have all the data at their fingertips to fulfill the customer’s requests. Loop’s return and exchange data includes:

  • Date return was submitted
  • Status of the return
  • Shipping data
  • Items returned
  • Return reasons
  • Return type – refund, exchange, store credit
  • Customer information

By ensuring that your agents can easily gain full context on the status of a return or exchange, they’ll be in a strong position to provide the customer with the information and reassurance they need throughout the post-purchase experience. 

Improving the post-purchase experience

Delivering a great customer experience doesn’t just come into play while a customer is contemplating buying a product – it’s equally important to make sure that everything that happens after the customer hits the “buy” button hits the right notes, too. Using a robust customer support CRM like Zendesk, paired with a returns automation solution like Loop, ensures that your customers will have a seamless, intuitive experience when it comes to navigating the returns process. With Loop’s seamless automations at hand, they likely won’t need to contact customer support, but in the off-chance that they do, your customer support team will be armed with all of the data and context to help them solve their customers’ problems lightning-fast.