Life at Loop is


Why We Exist

We believe in a world where we're all more mindful about how we consume. A world where we truly love every product we own, and where our favorite brands share our values. We’re building lasting connections between humans and brands, and we hope you’ll join us.

What we value


Shared beliefs, mutual respect, and insatiable curiosity form the foundation of our community.


Often, the simplest things are the most beautiful. But “simple” doesn’t always mean “easy”. We work like hell to simplify complex ideas.


Presence requires a quiet mind. It’s a cornerstone habit for building confidence, empathy, and focus. With presence, everything is within our grasp.


Courage is about making the hard-but-right choices, having tough conversations, and being brave enough to try new paths.


Truth isn’t truth without proof. We back up our beliefs with real, meaningful results.

Where we work

Work from wherever you love. Most of our team members are remote (and all of them are awesome).

Pick Your Team


The Engineering Team at Loop is a balance of agility, consistency, and performance. These are the pillars that allow the team to constantly and consistently deliver value that matters to customers. That customer intimacy is what allows our engineering teams to be the best in our space, and bring the best ideas to the market.


The Product Team at Loop thinks big, while delivering immediate and iterative value to our brand and their shoppers. The team balances agility and predictability, while consistently delivering results. The Product Team is built on the principles of customer obsession and intimacy, to bring best value to our customers.


The Design Team is obsessed with creating the best experience for Loop brands and their customers. Designing both product experiences and what we bring to market. They define our visual identity and how we express ourselves across various touchpoints.

Merchant Success

Our merchants are the heart and soul of our business, and the Merchant Success Team at Loop exists to optimize the value of the Loop partnership to their business. This begins with the merchant onboarding experience and continues through ongoing support and strategic account management.


Marketing at Loop is about being relatable to ecommerce brands. Providing ongoing value and connection that leads people to love our brand, love our product, and become a customer. The team is changing the way brands look at returns and turning that into demand for the sales team.


The Sales team at Loop is the engine that powers the business. In an ever evolving market and company, the sales team seeks to provide revenue and stability that can accelerate our vision to market.


The People Team is building a humane work experience that prioritizes empathy, connection and wellbeing through every milestone in the employee experience. The team’s goal is to provide a special place in everyone’s career, define an industry, and encourage everyone to become a better person while doing it.


The Finance Team interfaces with all of the teams at Loop to analyze and guide how we deploy our resources and capital. The team strives to make complex decisions simple and clear based on a deep understanding of our growth levers and where resource allocation can accelerate our efforts.


The Operations Team is responsible for the processes and tooling that allow Loop to run smoothly. The team is the glue that connects the other teams together through a deep understanding of how Loop works as an entire system.

Great people deserve 
great benefits

You’re not a machine, you’re a human — and you can only do your best work when you feel your best. That’s why every Loop employee gets support in three key areas of wellness.


Physical Wellness

We believe in taking care of your whole self, all the time. Your bases are covered with healthcare benefits – medical, dental, and vision insurance – and Loop helps with the premiums.


Emotional Wellness

Love your work, but life comes first. Enjoy flexible paid time off and paid parental leave, because that’s how it should be, and choose a therapist or practice that’s right for you with our monthly wellness benefit.


Financial Wellness

Competitive pay is just the start. Save for your future with our 401k program, and take advantage of our remote internet/phone and home workstation benefits to stay connected and comfortable.

Change the future, starting with yours

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Loop offers equal employment opportunities (EEO) to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability or genetics.


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